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Working with Schools/Colleges

Since September 2012 Schools have been tasked with responsibility for providing access to independent and impartial careers guidance for all pupils in years 9 - 11. This includes information on all the education&nbsp and training options available to 16-18 year olds, including work based learning options such as Apprenticeships.

As a UK Top 10 provider of 16-18 year old Apprenticeships, Key Training recognises how challenging and potentially confusing it can be for a young person to commit to a decision regarding their future; especially with University costs rising and Apprenticeships being branded by David Cameron as the 'new norm'.

At Key we are passionate about work based learning and ensuring that all young people have access to expert but impartial advice regarding the opportunities like Apprenticeships can offer.

As an advocate of 'Inspiring the Future' we are actively partnering with local schools to share our experience and knowledge of work based learning programmes. Take a look at the package options below, which are designed to complement your current careers advice programmes to ensure all pupils have access to up to date and impartial work based learning information.

Work Based Learning Awareness Evening:

An information evening presented to students and parents of those exploring their future options. This includes a general introduction to work based learning options, types of programmes, employment opportunities and a question and answer session.

Work Based Learning Assembly Presentation:

We will host a set number of student assemblies' through-out the year to highlight information regarding work based learning options. Presentations will be interactive and include career insight talks from those in various job roles/ sectors to raise awareness of future employment opportunities.

Work Based Learning Workshop:

We will deliver work based learning Workshops that are specifically targeted to those who have expressed an interest in programmes like Apprenticeships. The Workshop includes discussion on work based learning options, How to Apply for an work based learning programme, CV writing skills and interview tips.

Work Based Learning Awareness for staff:

We will attend or host a school staff meeting to present a work based learning Toolkit that will empower staff with the knowledge to discuss options like Apprenticeships and Traineeships directly with their students. We will provide information packs for staff to refer to along with contact details for their local Key Training Adviser.

If you are interested in Key Training delivering one or all of the above events please book an appointment with one of our experts today.