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Apprenticeship vs University

In the last 1-5 years we have seen a massive increase in apprenticeships being offered by many employers who claim ‘apprentices are the future’ and the below video shows you difference between Apprenticeships and University.

This video will show you the percentage of students and apprentices who claim they are ‘happy’ with the their course throughout their time in the higher education sector along with other major differences between the two, which we have listed below for you.

  • Unemployment after 6 months of completing their courses

  • The percentage of an apprentice continuing at the place they apprenticed with

  • What the demand of apprentices are to be in 2050

  • Take a look at the finances of an apprentice and graduate during and after leaving their course

  • Average career earnings

  • Perception of apprenticeships as a viable alternative to university increase between 2009 to 2013

  • Why enter high education via the university/apprenticeship route

  • Where do people think apprenticeships compare to university

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