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About Laser Learning

The team who created Laser Learning Ltd had previously set up a training business called The Childcare Company. Their aim was to find a new and innovative way to provide training for those in the childcare industry that would be effective, efficient and give instant feedback on learner progress. Having looked at all of the available e-portfolio systems on the market they rejected them because they were not user friendly and could not allow the learner to lead the process. By creating their own unique e-portfolio they could combine this with a comprehensive learning programme that allows the learner to work at a pace that suits them and provides evidence for assessment that can be looked at by the assessor instantly.

The learning programme and e-portfolio are known as "The Laser" which stands for Learner's Assessment Support and Evidence Resource. The success of the Laser took The Childcare Company by surprise and as the applications rolled in they realised that demand was going to exceed their ability to supply via Learning and Skills Council funding. The solution was to sub-contract through other training providers and colleges and when these establishments saw the Laser they asked to licence it for themselves.

Laser Learning Ltd. was formed to provide this amazing teaching resource to colleges and training providers throughout the UK and internationally. The system has already won an industry award for innovation and is now being used as far afield as The Cayman Islands, Gibraltar and at many UK colleges and training companies. The Laser provides training for the following qualifications: Childcare, Health and Social Care, Playwork, Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools and Financial Services, with Business and Administration and Facilities Management coming soon.

The team behind Laser Learning are passionate about providing training that is of a very high quality and that is accessible to all and motivates learners to want to know more. Their excitement for learning is infectious and is evident in every page of the learning programme, which is constantly being updated and renewed. The beauty of this resource over paper versions is that amendments are easily made keeping up to date at all times with current industry requirements.

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