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Traineeships prepare young people for their future by assisting them on improving their skills and experience that future employers require. The main aims are to prepare young people for work, high quality work experience and if needed additional training on English and maths.

Our traineeship programmes are up to 13 weeks long but shorter if you progress into a job quicker. The majority of that time is spent in your matched work placement. You will benefit from having a dedicated Traineeship Co-ordinator to mentor your work and offer personal support throughout your traineeship.

A traineeship programme may be suitable if you are:
  • Curently seeking employment and would benefit from gaining more work experience.

  • Motivated to work and succeed.

  • Aged 16 - 18 and qualified below level 3 or 19 - 23 and have not yet achieved a level 2

What are the benefits of a traineeship?
    1. A traineeship offer you the advantage of being in a better position to complete for an apprenticeship or other job opportunities.

    2. Improving your English and maths skills will boost your chances of getting a job, as well as improving your long term prospects and earning potential.

    3. We ensure that the skills you learn during a traineeship will assist you in a securing a job and succeeding in future employment.

    4. Build your CV by gaining workplace experience. 

    5. Traineeships offer the chance to try out business admin and customer service roles prior to committing to an apprenticeship programme.

    6. Traineeships provide an opportunity to gain employability skills including work ethic, team work & communication.

    7. At the end of the work experience placement you will have a job interview with the company if a role becomes available. Alternatively you will receive a reference and an exit interview.

Is a traineeship right for me?

Traineeships are an ideal opportunity for young people who are motivated to get a job but need to improve their skills and experience. If you have been unsuccessfully applying for apprenticeships due to your current skillset and experience, then you may be a good candidate for a traineeship.

Will I be paid?

Employers are not required to pay young people taking part in traineeships but are encouraged to support expenses such as transport and meals. Whilst signed up to the traineeship programme, Learners can continue to claim benefits like Jobseekers Allowance, Universal Credit and unemployment benefit etc. If in doubt please contact your local Job Centre. All training costs are funded by the Government.

Our Traineeship Charter:

Our Traineeship Charter has been developed to ensure that both employers and young people looking for a traineeship can expect the highest quality from their traineeship experience. Our charter states that you can expect the following from a traineeship:

  • Traineeship placements should give young people the skills relevant to their aims and offer an experience that will boost their chances of gaining future employment.

  • Trainees should be offered careers guidance and advice on other work-related issues such as health and safety and employment rights.

  • Employers taking on a young person for a traineeship are encouraged to support trainees with expenses such as transport and meals.

  • All trainees that complete their traineeship placement will receive and employer reference along with the opportunity to apply for relevant roles.

For more information on traineeships, please feel free to contact your local Key Training centre.