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Key Talent Match Service

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Your business, your choice...

Key Talent Match was developed for businesses to acquire the right emerging talent to ensure that they have the skilled workforce needed to remain competitive in the future. Key Recruitment and Training recognises that having a university education does not necessarily bring success and, with 9 out of 10 graduate employers reporting unfilled vacancies, now is the time to re-evaluate the talent pool.

Key Talent Match will give your business the support it needs to recruit and develop new staff through Apprenticeship and Traineeship programmes. Together we will plan and implement your talent acquisition strategy to ensure your business gets the highest return on investment. All applicants complete a 5 stage recruitment process before they meet with you. This ensures that you are only interviewing candidates most suited to your culture and needs.

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The Key Talent Match programme is designed to enable the candidate to unlock their full potential and begin to contribute to your business as soon as possible. The programme has four progressive stages and we will
work with you to assess which is the most appropriate stage for your new talent to start at. Whichever option you choose you and your candidates will receive full support from our dedicated Key Talent Match Team and your dedicated Training Consultant.

KTM Traineeship

This 6-12 week work experience programme will allow you to assess the candidate to confirm that they are right for your business culture and experience their contribution to your company before the commitment of a contract of employment.

KTM Apprenticeship

Key Apprenticeships are for those that recognise that their skills are more advantageous in the work place than in the classroom. This is the first stage at which you employ new talent who can be developed into the culture of your company from day one and add the skills that you will need in your business in the future.

KTM Advanced Apprenticeship

Key Advanced Apprenticeships are for those candidates who could have gone to university but have decided, like many others, that there are other routes to success. If you are looking to recruit for more advanced roles then this is the place to start.

KTM Higher Apprenticeship

Higher Apprenticeships are degree level qualifications that are usually for someone who is in, or about to be in, a management role. This programme is the ideal development for staff members who have completed a KTM Advanced Apprenticeship and would like to further their career.

Key Benefits

With our expertise in talent acquisition and learning and development, you can boost the productivity of your business with a small amount of planning, negligible disruption and very low cost. You will be supporting young people at the most influential point in their career - the beginning - and in doing so will put them and your business on the path for continued growth and success.

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