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A traineeship is a government funded training programme that focuses on giving young people the skills and experience that future employers require. The main aims are to prepare young people for work, high quality work experience and if needed additional training on English and Maths.

 Traineeships give young people the helping hand they 
            need to compete for apprenticeships and other jobs. 

Key Traineeships last 13 weeks during which time the learner will be with the employer 30 hours per week gaining a valuable insight into the world of work. Just like our top quality apprenticeships the trainee is allocated a Training Consultant who will visit them in the workplace to support them working towards an Introduction to Employment qualification and if necessary Maths and English. Also just like our apprenticeships, trainees are recruited through the same excellent recruitment service that our employers have come to expect. So you can be assured that the trainee will be able to contribute to your business as much as you can to their future.

benefits employers

  • Traineeships are a cost effective way to boost the productivity of your workforce. We recommend that you contribute £20 per day to the trainee's expenses.

  • Offering a young person a traineeship can help provide support to the business during busy periods whilst offering a valuable experience to the trainee.

  • Opportunity to offer a young person work experience in a role that is otherwise unsuitable for an apprenticeship or an opportunity to trail a potential new permanent employee without the commitment of a contract of employment for minimal expenses contribution to the trainee.

  • Opportunity to see if the applicant is the right one for the business culture and team.

  • Traineeships give employers the opportunity to develop their own high quality, talented & enthusiastic new recruits.

  • Opportunity to try multiple applicants before making the final decision on which one to make an offer of employment to.

  • Working with trainees will give your current employees the chance to develop their mentoring and coaching skills.

traineeships at key text

  • We will agree a job description, skills set and personality traits that fit the needs of your business.

  • We will initially, assess and screen all candidates before sending them to you for interview.

  • Once you have selected your new trainees(s) they will start with you and then we will allocate them a Training Consultant to support them through their traineeship.

  • Much of the trainees learning will take place online to ensure a flexible approach to fit in with your business.

  • The trainee will work toward achieving a Level 1 Introduction to Employment Award and if necessary Maths and English.

  • The Training Consultant will make regular visits to the workplace to support the learner with their qualification.

traineeship charter

Our Traineeship charter has been developed to ensure that both employers and young people looking for a traineeship can expect the highest quality from their traineeship experience. Our charter states that a trainee should expect the following from a traineeship:

  • Traineeships placements should give young people the skills relevant to their aims and offer an experience that will boost their chances of gaining future employment.

  • Trainees should be offered careers guidance and advice on other work-related issues such as health and safety and employment rights.

  • Employers taking on a young person for a traineeship are encouraged to support trainees with expenses such as transport.

  • All trainees that complete their traineeship placement will receive an employer reference along with the opportunity to apply for relevant roles.

next steps text

Contact your local centre or email us on to find our how you can take on your first trainee and help develop talented young people with the practical skills for the workplace.