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I have recently completed an Intermediate Apprenticeship in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools and was placed with a tutor called Kayleigh Kulkarni who has supported me with the functional skills. She has been a great support and helped me through any difficulties I had. She has been encouraging, helpful and patient. I don't think I could have passed all 3 of my exams without her. I have been very lucky to have been placed with her. She explained things clearly and was positive with my ability from the start. Any problems I had I could contact her and she always got back to me and called me when she said she would. It has been a pleasure working with her and I look forward to working with her in the future.

June 2017



I just wanted to send you a quick email now I have completed my NVQ Customer Service Level 2 Diploma.

Cheryl Double has been a pleasure to work with - friendly, fun and supportive. Cheryl was very accommodating when I informed her I was leaving Ansaback, where I had initially started the course, & was more than happy to continue via telephone interviews & visiting me at my new employers.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to further their education & experience within the Customer Service Sector.

I hope this information is useful.

June 2017

I have been under the training of the company for 4 months now. I started with a 3 month Traineeship and have now been working 1 month into my apprenticeship.

I am very pleased with how things are going! I have learned so much that has set me up for the rest of my life and I wouldn't have had any of this if it wasn't for Key Training helping get the role and helping through the duration.

In particular I would like to point out 2 members of staff that have made this a happy and worthy process:
Sue MacLusky who helped me a lot throughout the interviewing process
Natalie Alders who is  my course leader and is always there to support me if needed.

I wanted to express my gratitude to the company in this email.

June 2017

Have just been given the good news that I have passed my level 1 maths!
Really chuffed as have always gone to pot at the thought of an exam!
I have been guided by Beth Rogers who has been extremely helpful throughout my learning process. Very professional and I felt I could ask for help at anytime.

Big thanks.

June 2017 



I have just completed a level 2 sales apprenticeship with Cheryl Double and would like to give you some feedback about her help throughout the year.

Cheryl helped me all through the course to complete everything and was always letting me know how to get into contact if I ever needed help. She helped me to complete everything to a good standard and kept me well aware when everything needed to be completed by and what the next task would be.

She gave regular feedback to my directors to let them know how well I was doing and I couldn't have asked for a better person to help me achiever my course, she was a great help!

June 2017

I am writing to you to give my feedback on my Apprenticeship Experience.

My experience with Cheryl Double has been nothing but positive, she has offered all the support I needed I order to complete my coursework to the best of my ability. My other colleagues have been with a different company, in comparison they have had little to no support and their coursework has not been set on time. With Key Training I have had a very positive experience and I wish to continue under your services if possible and complete a Sales level 3 Apprenticeship. Furthermore, I believe that Cheryl deserves a pay rise if she has not already had one for her hard work with me. I very much appreciate the service I have received with Key Training. %uF04A

June 2017



I’m Lillie Baker and I have been working with Laurie Bowler from Key Training completing my NVQ.

Having Laurie I’m never worried to Email or Call because she always gets back to me and helps.

I was stuck the past week with ICT work and we were on the phone for half an hour whilst she helped and explained to me what I should be doing. Laurie being so supportive makes me very happy and confident to go on with my NVQ.

Thank you so much.

June 2017

I’m David Burr and work with Laurie Bowler of Key Training. Laurie has been very helpful with my NVQ work and has always given me great feedback and support in regards to my studies. Laurie is very friendly and I can always contact her at any time and she will listen and help, or if she is unavailable she will contact us back as soon as she can. I am very happy to be doing my NVQ with Laurie.

June 2017



 Aimee Grace and Jake Debenam were both really polite and helpful with regards to helping me with an Apprenticeship.

June 2017


I have completed my 2 year apprenticeship with Key Training and have successfully achieved a Level 3 NVQ qualification in customer service. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found it very rewarding. My mentor Suzanne has persistently advised and assisted me throughout the process and I can't thank her enough. I hope to apply my teachings and qualifications into later career opportunities while striving for success.

June 2017



I just wanted to drop you a quick email.

We have another apprentice at the moment, a lad call George Long. George is another good find by your company and we hope he’ll work out just as well as the others we have had from your company.

The placement doesn’t stop with finding an apprentice. That’s just the start of the process.  The hard work starts when, The apprentice develops into a valued member of staff and becomes an important asset to the business. It’s at this stage, when we need a professional tutor and mentor.

Laurie Bowler:

To develop an apprentice we need an excellent tutor and you, at Key Training have that in Laurie Bowler. Laurie totally understand the apprenticeship scheme and has the capability to explain it in an easy and affective way that the apprentice is fully committed.

She is absolutely fantastic. She has an excellent ability to draw the apprentice in and to help them fully understand the hard work ahead of them. She is an excellent communicator and fully engaging with the apprentice.

Laurie’s visits are fun but serious and are always conducted in a professional manner.  She has the aptitude to help and lead the learner, so the learner finds the answers themselves. She explains the course work in such a way that the learner will know what to expect from start to finish and once the module is completed.  

Laurie makes sure the learner is supported though out his course work and George’s apprenticeship develops in the correct direction with constant feedback, development and learning opportunities. Laurie is an absolute credit to your organisation. Very professional with a human touch. First class.

June 2017



I just wanted to say Laura Bell has been helping me with my English functional  skills. She is fantastic I really doubted myself before, and Laura has really boosted my confidence. She is patient and shows you exactly where you have gone wrong.

I really feel I would not have got through this without her support. I'm pleased to say I passed both my English papers.

June 2017

I am emailing in regards to Lauren Gulliver. Lauren is extremely helpful and most importantly quick at getting back to me. Due to my current situation the faster I find out information the better. Very happy to have Lauren helping me.

June 2017

I have clicked on the ‘ How am I doing ‘ tab, to bring up a link of your email.

I would love to tell you how helpful Ann has been in this year I have spent with her, she is a very nice lady and she has helped me out a great deal in gaining my apprenticeship.

We have communicated very well, she has even contacted me on weekends and bank holiday weekends to ensure I am up to date on my work.

May 2017

Just thought I would write a quick email explaining how helpful Laurie has been to me since I have been with Key Training.

Last month, I was quite behind with my tasks that I had been set which made me really anxious to explain to Laurie that I was behind. Laurie had visited me this morning and was really understanding and helpful! She explained fully my tasks for this month, how I could research them if I was stuck and also added she’s there if I have any queries or doubts.

I am so relived and thankful for Laurie being so helpful today.

May 2017



Hi Jim, just emailing to give my feedback on one of your workers named Azz Salam. He was very helpful and great to work with. He got me an interview for a great company and with his help I got a good job on the first attempt.

May 2017 



Having just had Laurie in to visit two of our apprentices for their observation.

I would like to compliment her on her professional and supportive manner.
It is always a pleasure to see her in the office.

She accommodates us where ever possible.

As a former teacher I can see she is an asset to your company.
I feel it is always important that people receive praise where due as society seems to be quicker to criticise.

May 2017



I've completed almost 70% of my Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship and I feel that I have gained a lot of experince working with children of mixed abilities and different backgrounds.
Working with experienced professionals I have learnt many important and essential skills which will be really helpfull in the future.
My learning provider is really helpful and she supports me when I need help with my course.
I would like to say thank you to everyone in the Apprenticeship team, all staff in School and especially to my learning provider for helping me.

May 2017



I would just like to let you know that I have just finished my Apprenticeship with Sue Howes as my Training Consultant! Sue has been amazing over the past year. She has always supported me and always helped me when needed. She’s also always believed in me, even when I didn’t.

I couldn’t have asked for more help from Sue, she really was an amazing help over the time I’ve been at work, even when I wasn’t due to see her and I needed her help she would always take the time to come and see me! Sue work incredibly hard and she really shows that she loves her job which shows her enthusiasm towards helping as many people as possible, she is always happy and always smiling!

She’s very organised when it comes to her Apprentices and always remembers what needs to happen with your work and focuses on each Apprentice and never fails to remember the last conversation we had, even after 1 or 2 weeks! – she knows exactly what is going on with each Apprentice which extremely helps me in knowing that she was listening and that she cared about what I was saying!

Sue always supported me in my decisions and always spoke to me and treated me with nothing but respect and kindness.

I couldn’t have asked for a better Training Consultant and she really is a credit to Key Training!

May 2017 



My apprentice is coming to the end of her first year with us via Key Training, and I can honestly say that Ann & Lauren have been a great help and have assisted my every query and explained in depth when required.

I have never struggled to get hold of them when required and Ann has always been punctual with her visits together with being polite and presentable.

Emily (my apprentice) has progressed massively and I believe this is with the assistance of Key Training, as well as ourselves.

I would definitely look in to getting another apprentice in the near future and If I do, I will be in touch with Lauren for this.

May 2017



I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the service I have recently received from your company.  Both Adam and Lauren have been incredibly helpful and professional.  They provided quality candidates and worked well to ensure the recruitment process went smoothly and quickly.

I have used a few companies during my search for apprentices but Key Training has impressed me the most.  You will be my first point of call in future.

May 2017



I have just completed the level 2 Supporting Teaching and Learning Apprenticeshp.

I wanted to take a moment to inform you how lovely and helpful my tutor has been. Taslima Iqbal, has been extremely encouraging and supportive throughout my training. She has been available for contact anytime I have needed her and this has included outside of working hours.

She has been understanding and patient and has been more than happy to explain things to me and guide me as needed.

During this year, I experienced a personal issue in my family and during this time Taslima was very kind and understanding and took it upon herself to offer and arrange a slight deadline extension to enable me to 'sort myself out' and then get my work done to the correct level and in enough detail.

Taslima also made contact on occasions she was let down by public transport - I found this very useful and thoughtful as it enabled me to inform my place of work that my meetings with would be delayed instead of being left wondering where she was. Her communication and keeping in contact is impeccable.

I work in a busy main stream secondary school in a special needs department and on one occasion I had to ask Taslima to rearrange an observation visit as it was not suitable for her to come in to school as originally planned. She again was accommodating and effortlessly rescheduled her visit.

Since completing my course I feel I have improved my professional practice and my confidence has increased. I feel I owe this vastly to Taslima who has been very supportive and encouraging during this year.

I appreciate your time in reading this email and feel Taslima is a lovely, friendly and kind member of your staff.

May 2017


Hello I am writing to give feedback on one of your employees Joshua Pohl. He has been excellent and is giving me all the help I need to start my career off. I am very grateful for all the work Joshua is putting in to find me an Apprenticeship. I couldn't thank him or the company enough . Thank you

May 2017




I have just completed my year Apprenticeship in Administration with Key Training. My assessor was Angela Baldwin and I feel she was a great attribute to me succeeding in my course and I would recommend her highly to anyone considering doing an Apprenticeship in the same field of work through Key Training.

May 2017 



I am an apprentice at NASCO (UK) LTD doing my level 3 Business Admin course.

I am writing this email to THANK YOU for allowing two lovely ladies (TAMMY REYNOLDS and LAURIE BOWLER) to be my mentors. Both of them had done a great job and motivated me a lot to work at best.

They always helped me with my work and explained the criteria effectively to me when I required their help.

Just to request you one thing that could you please kindly praise them and appreciate them for their hard work and investing their time in helping their candidates.

May 2017



I applied for one of your apprenticeships a few weeks ago and a few weeks after I was contacted by Callum Harris offering me interviews left, right and centre and without his help I would not of had gotten this far and been accepted for the apprenticeship I finally have! He called every time he had news for me, checking up on how I was doing, even on annual leave he called to make sure everything was going fine and made sure someone checked up on me while he was busy! Callum has been amazing and I couldn't thank him enough.

May 2017



Recently I have a applied for an apprenticeship via Key Training. My application has been taken by recruitment consultant Azz Salam.

Azz has been amazing from start to finish! I have applied for various roles in the past and none have been done with such calmness and no one has shared my passion for the application as Azz did.

Not only has Azz taken my application from the very beginning and stayed with it past my interview today, he has also made me feel very comfortable. He has offered his advice for the interview process and made sure I was thoroughly prepared for the interview itself.

I rarely give feedback because usally I just never get round to it, however on this occasion I thought that Azz really deserved it. Regardless if I get the role or not, Azz has done all he can.

May 2017

PS. He then got the job we sent him for!



Overall, I have mostly enjoyed having Laurie over the last few months: she is very thorough, and when we have our face-to-face visits I always feel as though I have her full attention and support.

I find it hard communicating via email with her sometimes as I feel that her patience can wear if I ask slightly repetitive questions, but I have to work with extremely clear instructions – especially as Ecordia can be difficult to work and find what I need.
I’m hoping to have Laurie continue with me if I choose to go onto the next level of my apprenticeship at the end of this year, she really is brilliant and an asset to your company.

May 2017



I’ve had Angela Baldwin as my Apprenticeship lady and I just want to let you know me and my supervisor Caroline think she’s absolutely fabulous! She made us feel at ease and helped me a lot throughout this year. Anything I have not understood she’s able to explain it to me. I just thought I’d let you know that Key Training/Angela have been amazing!  x

May 2017


I just wanted to take a minute to email you in regards to Sharon Lynn and Imogen Young.

Since looking for a new apprenticeship provider, I have tried a few different companies, and not a single one has compared to Key Training. The service and friendliness I have received from Sharon and Imogen has been fantastic. I literally can’t fault them in any way. They’ve given me faith in apprenticeship companies again and have made this process so simple, as well as finding us 3 apprentices!

Please can you pass the feedback on, I really appreciate all their help and support, they’re great members of the team to have!!
May 2017 



Partridge Homes

May 2017



I just wanted to give some feedback on Michael Cherry-Downes.

I’ve now received a job offer from another training provider and company and accepted it but around the same time I applied to Key Training too and Michael was the one that got the ball rolling and he was really nice and friendly.

When you are applying for any job, especially an Apprenticeship, I think it’s good to have someone who’s like that.

May 2017 



I just wanted to email you and say a massive thank you for everything you have done in the last 11 months.
Throughout my apprenticeship you have not only provided professional support but also be extremely helpful with several personal issues. I constantly looked forward to when we had a meeting or when we could catch up. You have been a wonderful support every step of the way and always make sure I had something to look forward to.
I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me not just professionally but personally you pushed me to be confident and made me realise how much potential I have. Every visit you would power through every distraction I created and made me get all my work done to the best of my ability! You have made me laugh and smile, and you were a shoulder to cry on when I was struggling with everything.
You never made me feel like I was just another student you had to see, I felt and feel that I was just meeting with a friend (who made me do work!) but a friend at the least. I wish I could show you how grateful I am for all you have done for me.
I never loved education and was also seen as a troubled student, and for the first time in a long time I am so sad to be leaving a educational part of my life as you have made me feel so smart, so empowered and like I am capable of anything I want to do. I am truly going to miss you Suzanne!
SO many thanks

April 2017

I would like to let you know that Callum Harris has been a massive help over the last few days , giving me as much information as possible about the Apprenticeship and getting others interested in me. I have now been accepted for a job role and some of that is on behalf on Callum's good work.

April 2017

I have been completing a Business Administration Apprenticeship Level 3 with Suzanne Terry and would just like to pass on my compliments of how supportive she has been through the past year and understanding when I have had to rearrange appointments etc. I have thoroughly enjoy the course.

April 2017



Kasia Oldfield 1

Kasia Oldfield 2

 April 2017



I would like to say that I have finished the L2 Business Admin Apprenticeship with Juliana Smith. Juliana was supportive and helpful and on hand to answer any queries. Please pass on my positive feedback.

April 2017

I'd just like to say that Molly has been a great help in helping me get my apprenticeship. She is a very organised, well humoured employee. If I were her employer, I'd give her a pay rise. this woman is a life saver...

April 2017



I would like to inform you what great help Dan Gray was at supporting me with my maths. I struggled with maths at first but after some great help I have now passed.

I’ve also had a lot of support from Angela Baldwin who has helped me when needed from start to finish.

April 2017



Feedback for Imogen Young from Cleadon Church of England Academy.


Cleadon Church of England Academy

April 2017




I have just completed my Apprenticeship with Key training and I am wanting to give some feedback on my Training Consultant.

Throughout my entire Apprenticeship Cheryl has helped me. I have never been stuck or felt like I had no one there to help me with any of my questions. I was behind on my work for some personal reasons and Cheryl helped me to get back on track and always allowed time for me so I could catch up and not feel like I was behind on anything, which would have stressed me out.

I find that Cheryl goes above and beyond for all her learners, making sure we have the support and help we needed from the begining to end. I have never felt like I was left in the dark and I have always felt happy to turn to Cheryl for any help needed and it was reassuring that I knew I would always get the best help possible.

I would like to say thank you for all the support I have had from Cheryl and your company throughout my whole Apprenticeship. I couldnt have asked for a better Tutor to spend my year with. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on this Apprenticeship because I find it very easy to have a good relationship with Cheryl and that I can always turn to her for any help needed.

April 2017



I would like to give feedback regarding Juliana Smith @ Key Training.

She was a great mentor and helped me through any problems I had.

She was always friendly and stayed in contact throughout the whole process.

April 2017



I have just completed my apprenticeship with yourselves and have been asked give some feedback.

I would like to say a big thank you for the help and support I have had, especially for the help of Kayleigh Kulkarni. Kayleigh was my functional skills tutor, and went above and beyond to ensure I finally passed my maths exam. Kayleigh would make up papers for me, on topics and didn’t understand and we would keep doing them until I understood them fully.

April 2017



I write in respect of the completion of my apprenticeship and would like to give my feedback.

Throughout the time on being on my apprenticeship I was tutored by Angela Baldwin and I can confirm that I am more than satisfied with the help and support she has provided me.

I feel that throughout some months of completing assignments, I struggled and without the help from Angela, I do not think I would have completed on time or at all. If there was any time throughout my apprenticeship, where I doubted myself and my abilities Angela was always there to give me the correct moto.

I cannot thank Angela Baldwin and Key Training enough for the opportunity I was given which has lead me to full time employment with the firm that I completed my apprenticeship with.

I hope this feedback will be passed to Angela and I hope she will be proud of herself for the services and support she provides to all us trainees, because I know I am.

March 2017

My name is Mireille Godfrey and  I have just finished my first year in Business Administration Level 2.
I would like to thank you for allowing me to do this course. My tutors name is Juliana Smith and she has taught me so much. Juliana is so professional in her job and is very kind. I don’t think I would have finished this course if it wasn’t for her determination  in keeping  me focused. I would also like to mention Philip Tatham from your Functional Skills Academy -  between them I have now passed my English, Maths and ICT level 1.
When I was younger I left school with no qualifications and thought as I got older I could not improve myself.
I have now decided to go on to do level 3 in this course and with the help from Juliana and Philip. I hope to pass these too.

March 2017



Just wanted to provide some feedback on your employee Amanda Leightley. She has been absolutely fantastic in helping me find a new apprenticeship and has been continuously supportive throughout interviews and helping me find vacancies in my area. I have applied for a range of different training companies in the past and she has been by far the most helpful person that I have been in contact with, ensuring that every email I sent was replied to and any questions I had were answered.

March 2017


I have had a great journey thus far with Samantha Jones from your recruitment team and have been very impressed with how she completely understands the type of candidate we are looking for, which can be quite difficult as we are a specialist welfare to work and work based learning recruitment agency. Samantha has made the process of hiring 2 apprentices from yourselves in the space of 2 weeks very efficient and enjoyable and I would not hesitate in recommending Key Training to any one in my network looking to hire an apprentice.

Once again very impressed with Samantha, she is an absolute credit to your team.

March 2017



My name is Ollie Smith and I just secured an apprenticeship through Kristian Hammond and would like to tell you that he has been more than helpful and is extremely good at the job. I feel like he deserves some kind of recognition for the work he does. Many thanks.

March 2017



It has been recommended to get in touch with yourself to give some feedback in regards to my current trainer Laurie Bowler.

Laurie has been my trainer for the past 10 months, She is helping me achieve my Level Two NVQ in Business Administration.

Laurie so far has been an excellent trainer, right from the start she has provided all of the information, support and advice I needed to be to achieve the highest rate of progress possible.

Laurie has answered every question I may have and has guided me fantastically through the course. I believe that from visits and telephone reviews with herself, I have greatly increased my confidence which has directly helped me integrate with my colleagues at work.

From taking this apprentice course I have made the decision to continue working at my current place of work, progressing forward to taking on Level Three in Business Administration as I think this will be a great opportunity for me.

I am very pleased with my trainer and am very thankful for all of her help so far.

March 2017



Feedback on my Journey with Key Training-

Over the last 4 years I have completed my NVQ Level 2, 3 and 4 for Business Admin.
In par with that I have had four career developments.
Starting from 2012-
Elective Admissions Clerk
Deputy Elective Admissions Manager
Elective Admissions Manager
Assistant Manager General Surgery and Urology – Present Day

The completion of my NVQ levels over these years has helped me with being able to achieve these positions as it has helped with my development and knowledge. Also the increase in my qualifications has allowed me to meet the Person Specification for the roles from essential to desirable.

March 2017

I am writing to inform you of what a wonderful experience I have had with Key Training. Although belated, I do feel the need to inform you of what excellent service I received from Chloe Abbs. When I was looking for an apprenticeship previously, she was extremely helpful and professional (whilst also being very polite). I must add that the sheer politeness and approachability of Ms. Abbs (along with her high level of professionalism) really did make finding an apprenticeship easier.
Although I did end up taking an apprenticeship with another training provider (this was last year), I must assure you that this was only because of the actual apprenticeship vacancy - Chloe has been, out of all the many different people from different training providers I have spoken to in the past, the best recruitment consultant I have spoken to.
Due to the fact that I left the apprenticeship I was previously in (simply due to the fact that I rushed into the apprenticeship), I am now looking for a new apprenticeship that is better suited to me and have found one with Key Training (one which I have applied for and thought very seriously and thoroughly about this time and have found that it would be the perfect role for me)
I must say that the current lady who is helping me with the application process (regarding this current apprenticeship) at the moment, Molly Bergdahl, is also very professional, polite, and approachable; It is also very impressive to note that she has responded to my emails very promptly which is something that I appreciate massively.

It astonishes me how professional, dedicated and polite your employees are, and I have never felt more comfortable in allowing these people to assist me with finding the right apprenticeship for me and help me with the application processes that allow me to pursue this.

I really do hope that these praises are noted, as I am very thankful for all the help that Key Training has provided me with thus far.
Key Training has certainly left a positive impression on me, and if I do ever run into anyone else seeking an apprenticeship this will be the training provider I will recommend.

March 2017


I’m really enjoying my apprenticeship and think its going well as well as the learning I’m doing with it. Laurie has been really great, since I first started she made everything extremely clear for me of what I had to do she also made it clear that I could contact her whenever I needed her help with work or needed resources etc. which I have asked for before and she was extremely helpful.

March 2017

Juliana Smith was my Apprenticeship Tutor and she helped and supported me through the whole process. I felt that I could ask her any question and would be able to answer. Through the Apprenticeship process she was also able to lend support and advice about office/work life which helped me settle down in the job quicker than I would have if I didn’t have her. One of the key things I think Juliana did was the fact that I never felt overly stressed with the Apprenticeship while working full time as I knew I had the support of her the whole way through.

I was happy Juliana was my Tutor as she made me feel comfortable. Even afterwards she checked up on me to see how I was getting on as a Consultant.

March 2017 



Feedback on my Journey with Key Training-

Over the last 4 years I have completed my NVQ Level 2, 3 and 4 for Business Admin.
In par with that I have had four career developments.
Starting from 2012-
Elective Admissions Clerk
Deputy Elective Admissions Manager
Elective Admissions Manager
Assistant Manager General Surgery and Urology – Present Day

The completion of my NVQ levels over these years has helped me with being able to achieve these positions as it has helped with my development and knowledge. Also the increase in my qualifications has allowed me to meet the Person Specification for the roles from essential to desirable.

March 2017


Following the completion of my level 4 in Business Administration, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Key Training, in particular to Julian Smith.

My initial tutor Kasia, moved on a few months after I started and I did not get a chance to meet her replacement. Following this my work was assigned to Juliana, who was very supportive and helped me bring my work up to the standard of the IV. Juliana’s support and encouragement has showed me that I had the knowledge to complete my assessments independently and did not need to rely on sources and literature to find the answers to some of the more difficult units. This is now relevant to my daily practises where I now know I can overcome daily challenges with the knowledge I have learnt with Key Training.

During my level 4 I have built my confidence and self-esteem and have even been promoted in my current organisation and I feel this is testament to how far I have come in such a short time.

March 2017



I have just completed my Business Admin Level 3 course with Juliana Smith as my Assessor. She has been a great help and support over the past year.

March 2017



I hope you are doing well? This is just a quick email as I have been asked to give feedback on my tutor/support worker.
I was assigned to Kayleigh Kulkarni for extra help with my maths after I failed my first exam. I am not going to lie when it comes to maths I get frustrated! I felt as thouhg Kayleigh was very patient and understanding. She always told me I had the potential to pass and that I just needed to have confidence in myself. She is half of the reason I can say I've finally passed! (My hard work being the other half aha!).
In addition, she is always there to offer support and guideance, even though you aren't in the same building you'd be suprised by how quick you can get a response!
If I had to give one learning point, then I would suggest more days where you can go into the Key training centre for a one on one session in person rather than on the phone. That applies to any subject and any Tutor. Some people have different ways in working/learning and sometimes a phone call doesn't suffice. Having said that, I undersand that not all employers will willingly give their apprentices a day off/time off for studying.
I hope this has been of some use and I wish yourself and Kayleigh all the best! Thank You again!

Mar 2017

I just wanted to drop you a line to extend our thanks to Susan Howes, who has been our contact at Key Training for a few years now.
We have now finished our training programme, but should we need any help with anything in the future Sue will be the first person I call. Sue has consistently shown a fantastic level of understanding to both us and our young apprentices, and they have spoken highly of her. Sue is a credit to your organisation.

Mar 2017


My names Tyrell. Recently I had been applying and applying for apprenticeships and going to interview after interview, hoping to find the correct one. On Monday the 6th of this month I went to an interview and managed to get the role and I honestly believe that I could never have had the courage and persistence to keep on going to these interviews if it wasn't for your employees Samantha Jones and Joshua Poll.

They have literally changed my life. It was going downhill, I was failing at college so I dropped out and my mom was forcing me to go out and do something and they were that something. They are a real asset to your company.

I just want you to say thank you for your employees, your service and your company.

Mar 2017



I thought I’d send you an email just to make you aware of how supportive Susan Howes has been when carrying out both of my qualifications and functional skills in maths. She is very organised and makes the qualification look easy! Great training consultant!

Mar 2017



Just writing to you as I have great things to say about one of your Key Training trainers. I've just completed an Advanced Business Administration Level 3 Diploma Apprenticeship.  Daniel Lister was my trainer and I would just like to tell you how amazing he was through the whole thing. He was friendly, professional, very knowledgeable, easy to talk to and he always went out of his way to help me progress through my apprenticeship and he has made the whole experience joyful. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him and I am so grateful to him for what he has helped me to achieve. He's fairly new to this role (if I'm right in thinking so) and I think he will go very far and is definitely an asset to your team! He has a very bright future.

Mar 2017



I’m Danielle Attrill and I work for Lightning Fire under the apprenticeship scheme with Key Training. My mentor is Laurie Bowler.

I have some feedback regarding the procedure process that Laurie has conducted and how I feel that the meetings have gone so far. I understand the MOT procedure that she went through with me and how she will assist me through the process. I understand what I need to do and she went through it all in a lot of detail. I also fully understand that I need to get my work done 2-3 days before our next visit so that she has enough time to assess the work and give me feedback that will aid me in future projects. The feedback that I have received from her so far has been helpful and allowed me to see whether I have hit the criteria for the work set. I also understand that I need to accept each piece of feedback that she gives me so that I can progress and the work can be registered and count towards my apprenticeship.

I have completed the ERR workbook that we discussed on our second visit. She went through this workbook well and I managed to complete all the questions with ease especially with the ideas she gave me for some of the questions. From the visit and her personality, I know that she will help me through the course from start to finish. I know that if I emailed her with an issue she would get back to me and help me complete my work.
I understand the visit plan that is currently happening and I know what the next couple of visits will be. I understand that visit four will be a telephone call and we went through this on our second discussion so I am aware and I know that some questions will be asked so I can format my responses to be ready.

I truly believe that I will have support in my organisation. I feel very lucky with the people that I work with as they are very lovely people and I feel completely confident speaking to them if any issues were to occur.  In terms of the plan to see different parts of the business, me and Dave will be working on this together and I feel happy with the way things are going. To see all aspects will be very interesting to me and I am looking forward to it. Also, working together with Dave on formatting a plan is good as then we can decide together on the best order for me to do things and we are on the same wavelength.

I think Laurie is a lovely person and it is very easy to talk to when she comes in. She is a very caring person and this shows in the way that she comes across when we speak. Each visit she ensures that I fully know the work that I need to do before the next visit and she ensures that I know how to upload each completed piece for assessment. In the second recorded session, she went through a lot of information regarding the training procedure and made things clear about where the course was going to go.

In our second meeting, she helped me pick units that would suit me and the work that I am currently doing on a day to day basis. She explained each unit and what they would entail from me well and I feel very confident that I picked the best units that I will achieve in.

I understand that our next visit is on Tuesday 14th March and that it will be an observation, Laurie has explained what will happen.

Overall I think she is a lovely person and doing her job well and I feel confident with her as my mentor.

Feb 2017



Please allow me to briefly introduce myself, my name is Dave Green and I am the joint Managing Director at Lightning Fire Ltd (LFL).

I am the main contact for Key Skills Training and am also Danielle's mentor at LFL.

I initially had telephone conversations with Laurie as we discussed the overall apprenticeship scheme and how it works prior to meeting her when she visited our offices. Laurie was friendly, helpful and informative over the 'phone and has continued to be so on a face to face basis.

Laurie has explained how the process works commencing with the induction period and then the various and subsequent "MOT procedure" which the NVQ process entails and involves. Laurie has also ascertained from me our thoughts and ideas for Danielle's development and learning on her most recent visit to the company. During this visit Laurie carefully and comprehensively outlined the review procedures, she recorded part of our conversations and discussions, she asked what training needs that she could help with and she emphasised the importance of Danielle completing her work on time, this was to be 2-3 days before the next visit.
Laurie also made sure that Danielle knows that she can call upon her for support and guidance whenever necessary in terms of any set assessments as well as on a more general basis.

Laurie outlined the program of visits, she helped us all understand that we are all here to help Danielle achieve and be successful and I understand that I can ask Laurie for any additional training in any specific areas that Danielle may need as the program moves forward.

Laurie asked what the company were going to do to support Danielle and I advised that we have committed to formulate an internal plan where she gets direct exposure to all facets of the business. On this point Danielle and myself have since agreed that we will initially give her a basic introduction into the various areas of a business as stage one of the plan before going into more detail about each area in stage two. (I have yet to advise Laurie of this decision).

To date I have found Laurie to be personable, knowledgeable and very helpful. I believe that she genuinely cares about Danielle and that she is committed to helping her make a success of her apprenticeship opportunities with LFL.
As a last point I would say that Laurie was genuinely very pleased to hear me unequivocally state that we want Danielle to build a career at LFL and that we will do all we can to help her during the apprenticeship stage and then beyond as she progresses within the business.

I trust that the above is sufficient for your needs but if further information and or clarification is required then please do contact me at your earliest convenience.

Feb 2017



Cheryl has asked if I could give some feedback on her support as a Training Assessor. Cheryl has been my Assessor for 6 months and I am doing a Customer Service level 2. I couldn’t have asked for more. When I complete work it is always returned back promptly with feedback on what I have done - this could be extra questions or even that I need to add more detail and I will get an example of how I can change it. I feel confident in having conversations over the phone and this takes a lot as when I started my Apprenticeship I wasn’t confident over the phone or asking questions. This has helped me in my job. Cheryl has always made sure I am on top of my work and, when she can, offers extra support. She also tries to link my apprenticeship work with my job so she will ask specific questions that link to maybe a call I have just taken or sometimes she may speak with my Manager and ask how I’m doing or even situations as to when I have dealt with difficult customers or I have offered extra services and satisfied a customer’s needs. From the very beginning I have loved working with Cheryl and have gained a lot of knowledge in all different aspects of my job and day to day life.

Feb 2017



Hi, I would just like to help key training (especially Adam Clements) for the support and help they gave me when trying to find an apprenticeship.

Feb 2017


I wanted to contact you regarding the  outstanding support, care and guidance that I have been given by tutor; Christi Smith, during my TA3 course I am currently working on. Christi goes completely out of her way to make sure that I am happy and comfortable with my course; always providing me with extra support if needed. She had been a huge part of me believing in myself and helping my confidence grow, without her support I know that my confidence wouldn't be continually growing as it is now.
Christi is absolutely outstanding and professional in her role and  I personally feel overwhelmed with the feedback and support I receive from her. I am now really enjoying my course and no longer feel that I 'cant' progress my learning.

Thank you to Key Training and Christi.

Feb 2017


I have recently applied for an Apprenticeship through your training company. I am delighted to tell you that I have been amazed by the services I received from your employee Michael Cherry-Downe. He has helped me to understand about the Apprenticeship and what is required. He is super friendly and easy to talk to which is what I beleive to be a key role in online speaking. I am very pleased with his services.

Feb 2017



Some quick feedback on Cheryl, I found her very helpful and friendly. She made me feel comfortable enough to call or email her whenever I need any help. Would recommend her to any Apprentice doing what I have done.

Feb 2017



I am currently working in the property department at Wardhadaway and after completing level 2 with Key Training, I am just about to finish level 3.
Joanne Allison has been my training consultant throughout my time with Key, I even requested to stay with her after the end of my first year. Since my first contact with Joanne back in 2015, she has continued to provide a level of support that is above and beyond what I had expected from a training consultant. Her personable nature alongside her years of experience has proved invaluable to me as I am sure it has been to many other learners. She has been available constantly throughout my time with her regardless of working hours.
Joanne has not only provided myself with the knowledge to decide how to progress throughout my NVQ but has always been available and willing to meet with myself and my employer to inform them of the requirements of the qualification and provide guidance to ensure I meet this criteria. When I have been unsure of my options with regards to my treatment within the department, Joanne has again been happy to help me articulate my concerns to my supervisor in an open and constructive manner.
On a personal level, Joanne has been a great source of comfort when it has come to deciding which path I wish to take into further education and providing me with the knowledge I require to make an informed decision that is right for me and correct for my lifestyle. At the moment, I have progressed into a junior secretarial role at work and am hoping to progress to a secretarial position as soon as my training is complete. I am looking to study a part time business degree alongside work in the September of this year.
Had it not been for Joanne’s dynamic attitude to her work and her wealth of experience she is willing to share with her learners, I would have found my time with Key Training a far more difficult experience and may not have such a clear idea of my progression from this point on. She is a perfect example to others of how to connect with a learner and positively impact their time with Key Training. I feel very grateful to have had her guidance.

Feb 2017



I thought I would give feedback as I have just finished my Level 2 today and I am now currently working towards a Level 3 qualification. I am so pleased that I came to Key Training for an apprenticeship because I previously started college and realised that the college route was not for me because I personally prefer to be in a working environment. After one complete year I could not thank the Key Training staff and Suzanne Terry my assessor enough as I have achieved so much and I have had the best support throughout! To anyone looking for an apprenticeship I would highly recommend Key Training, Thank you.

Feb 2017



My Assessor was Joanne Allison. She has been very supportive and patient throughout my first year and was always checking up on how my work was going and if I needed any help or guidance. I knew I could always go to her if I was struggling or needed advice. When she would come for visits she was always very friendly and happy which really helped for the first few visits when I was unsure about the job, she helped me to see it was worth sticking at and told me everything I can gain from doing this apprenticeship.

I have enjoyed my qualification and am very happy to have achieved my Level 2. I thought the work was challenging at times but that ecordia was very useful in helping me to understand what was required to answer the questions successfully.

Feb 2017



I just wanted to email and say how well I feel as your team have looked after me.  Kristian Hammond and Molly Bergdahl have emailed and phoned me and made sure everything went as smoothly as it could. They should definitely be praised for all their hard work.

Feb 2017

Laurie asked me to send some feedback on her performance over the apprenticeship course of Kathryn Pope.

Laurie is always punctual and very good with communicating.  She has always been very helpful when dealing with any changes we needed to make for our appointments.  She arrives with a smile and is very friendly. She explains what will be spoken about during our recorded discussions so we are not thrown by any of the questions.

I will ask Kat to message you her feedback also, as she had more experience with working with Laurie.

I hope this is helpful.

Feb 2017

I wanted to provide some feedback regarding some recent training we organised via Julie Rowe, which was in running effective meetings.  She was absolutely fantastic; super organised, engaged, understanding of our needs and we spent a lot of time having conversations about the pre-work, what my specific needs were in my team etc.  It really helped having a bespoke design and the trainer, Hyacinth, was very good too.
I’m very impressed with the professional yet personal touch provided and I will be recommending you highly.
Excellent work!  Thanks

Feb 2017



Just wanted to let you know that I have just finished my Apprenticeship with Cheryl Double.

She has been of great assistance throughout and gone above and beyond to help me with my Apprenticeship and learning skills for the workplace. She has been very organised and punctual in her meetings with myself.

I would highly recommend her and Key Training as result of her work.

Jan 2017


I was linked to this address via Molly Bergdahl, and I just wanted to express how excellent she has been.
Molly called me very promptly to discuss and Apprenticeship I applied for just the day before.
She was very engaging and she told me all of the benefits of learning with Key Training Group.
After the phone call she had left me motivated and excited to complete some attachments she sent in an email - that of which was sent minutes after our phone call.

I've always found it difficult speaking on the phone to strangers unless I am at work - but Molly spoke to me so kindly and made me feel at ease talking about the Apprenticeship.
I now look forward to an interview to be arranged so I can kick start my career!

Jan 2017

I have recently been placed into an Apprenticeship by Samantha Jones and let me tell you she has done an amazing job.  First of all the way she came across was so professional and caring she wanted to help me find a place of work which she successfully did within a matter of days .  Secondly the job she has put me into has really helped and easily been matched to me.  Finally I'd just like to say when we have spoke I've been addressed with respect and she has give me a lot of motivation and made me feel good. Definitely would use Key Training again due to Sam alone also her apprentice Josh deserves a mention as he was very helpful.

Jan 2017


I am just writing to inform you of one of your employees, Tammy Reynolds.

She has been extremely helpful at showing me what I needed to know, and going back over it with me when I didn’t understand. She didn’t penalise me for initially failing to meet deadlines as she understood that I had trouble navigating the system.

She has also always been on time to meetings and is both professional and friendly so I just thought I’d let you know.

Jan 2017



This morning we had a visit from Laurie Bowler in relation to our apprentice (TC).

I had spoken with Laurie many times but this is the first time I have met her.  I would just like to thank her and let you know that she was extremely professional and diligent during her time here and provided our apprentice TC with clear and comprehensive information that will undoubtedly make his award easily achievable.

We will continue to work closely as he progresses through his Level 3 award and thank you for your continued support.

Many thanks in advance.

Jan 2017



I am a student of Cheryl Double’s. Currently we are finalising my Level 2 Customer Service Apprenticeship so I’ve been working with Cheryl for a year now and I feel she has been very helpful for me with my Apprenticeship work. Always there to help and support me, also when she has been working with me face to face, she has always been In a lovely smiley mood, which is great and positive. It also lifts my moods! I can’t wait to start my Level 3 Customer Service Apprenticeship with her.

Jan 2017



I just thought that I would update you a little about life, I have been offered a job with a company called Mitie in MK. I have also started to study towards my AAT qual.

I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU!!! For all the wonderful support you have given me over the past 2 years. You truly go above and beyond for your students. Literally could never forget my Aunty Nichola.

I am so glad to have met you and I do wish that we can stay in touch from time to time.

Jan 2017



An Apprentice Learning Journey

I have just completed the Administration Development Pathway and successfully passed my Business Administration NVQ Level 3. Key Training Ltd gave me the opportunity to complete an NVQ whilst in my current job. Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust supported my learning and provided additional training alongside my NVQ.

My objectives for undertaking the training were to increase my knowledge and understanding of a range of administration concepts and theory, through practising skills and reflecting on existing techniques.

Oxford Health provided 5 workshops (Effective Communication, Time Management and Motivation, Effective Team Working, Customer Service and Meetings and Minute Taking). I found each of these sessions equally valuable but the one session that stood out for me was Customer Service. This session helped me to identify that every person I come into contact with at work is essentially my ‘customer’. From colleagues to other agencies and services, I need to provide the best possible service to them as I can and ensure that they are completely satisfied with the level of service I provide. It also taught me techniques on how to deal with difficult encounters with people. Not only did Oxford Health support me by providing these study days, I was also given time at work away from my usual duties to complete my study and assignments. This had an amazing impact on my ability to study and progress gained.

Being a work based learner and having not studied anything for over 13 years, I had doubts over my ability to learn. Linda Wilson, my Training Consultant with Key Training was there every step of the way. Linda was approachable and friendly. She understood my objectives and guided me towards achieving my goals. Linda set realistic targets for me, taking into account my commitment to also do my day job. I had contact from Linda on a regular basis and I knew she was there at the end of the phone if I needed her. Key Training provided a platform for my learning in ‘Ecordia’. I found this system straight forward to use and it provided me with all the tools and resources I needed to assist my learning. I had a combination of work based assessments/discussions and written assignments to complete. I regularly received feedback from Linda to confirm and reassure me that I was on the right track. I could not have completed my training if it wasn’t for Linda.

I have learnt so much over the past 12 months. I am glad that I decided to embark on this learning journey. I feel I now am able to do my day job with more knowledge and understanding and most importantly to me, more confidence. I am more efficient and my standards of work are higher than they were before.

Kimberly Kilpin
School Health Nurse Assistant – South
Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust Employee
Key Training Ltd Work Based Learner

Business Administration NVQ Level 3.


Jan 2017



I am emailing to thank your employee Callum Harris he really is so helpful and kind. I honestly thank him so much and think he needs to be shown appreciation, he is a credit to your company!

Jan 2017



I started working at CC-Marine in October and in the last couple of months Laurie has been very helpful in getting me started with my apprenticeship. Laurie was also great at helping me be prepared for my ICT exam which I took at the start of December. Overall I am very happy with Laurie as my tutor and her visits definitely prepare me for any tasks that I have to do for the following month.

Dec 2016



I’m an Apprentice with Amanda Shail. My apprenticeship is due to end tomorrow and I would like to thank her for such an amazing experience.

She made me aware of everything I had to achieve and helped doing so. She hasn’t only been a brilliant peer, she has been such great support, every little problem I’ve had regardless of it being big or small she has helped me through everything.

She has made this whole experience brilliant, and I would like to thank her ever so much, I don’t think I would have been able to get back on track if it wasn’t for her constant support and guidance.
She is an absolute pleasure to work with and she is a such a credit to your workplace, she is one of the most hard working people I have ever met, she is a true inspiration.
Thanks for taking time into reading this email, I hope you have a brilliant Christmas and New Year.

Dec 2016



Thank you for all your hard work this year.
You've been instrumental to our success and our forward success in 2017.
We will consider one more exceptional candidate next year. Keep us informed.
PS all four candidates taken on are doing well in their respective posts. This is a first, as we struggled to retain even one decent employee in the last 2 years.
As we grow you will be our preferred choice.

Dec 2016



I would just like to say that Laurie has been a very good Key training tutor for me and has explained well throughout my apprenticeship how to use Ecordia, BKSB and access and do the tasks on them. She has been both very friendly and professional as a teacher/tutor.

Dec 2016


I am writing to offer some brief feedback as requested on Laurie Bowler.
Laurie never misses an appointment. Is always polite.
Our Apprentices feel comfortable approaching her with issues, and with their questions and comments.
She always answers all of ours and their questions promptly and accurately.
Laurie is supportive of our apprentices and always encourages our employees to improve knowledge, abilities and skills.

She is very direct, straightforward when explaining what is required from them and from us and understands our issues when they have arisen.
I hope this helps, please do not hesitate to get back in touch if you require any further information or I can be of any assistance in any other way.

Dec 2016

Since I’ve started my apprenticeship I have learnt loads and secured a lot of new skills. Laurie herself has given me all the support I’ve needed and I feel she has really helped me stay organized and on top of my work. At the start of the programme she told me what she was there for and what she has planned for me and it helped a lot.  We have done everything she said I would be and any times I’ve been a bit confused as what to do she has always helped me and talked me through it to give me a better understanding. Overall I’m happy with what I’ve been doing and I appreciate all the hard work Laurie has put in to keep me on track.

Dec 2016



I thought I would take this opportunity to thank you and your marvellous team for the help and support they have given us throughout the last year (and longer!) in finding apprentices.
Thanks, to name a few, to Amanda Leightley (who is on maternity leave), Adam Clements, Lesley Miller, Sharon Lynn, Suzanne Terry – and I’m sure there are more I have come across!
With best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all your team.

Dec 2016



I am doing the Level 2 Team Leader course and Laurie is my Training Consultant.
I just wanted to say I am really impressed with Laurie and the professional way she comes across.
When I have had meetings with Laurie, either face to face or over the phone, she has always explained what tasks and assignments I need to complete very clearly and precise.
Whenever I need to contact her she always responds and has been able to assist with any queries in a timely manner.
I would not hesitate to call her if I needed any help with anything.

Dec 2016



I’ve just completed an NVQ Level 3 in Business Admin, with Linda as my training consultant.
I’d just like to say a huge thank you to Linda as she has been a fantastic support from when she joined me on my course to end. My course was a rocky start due to another training consultant who didn’t provide me enough support, however then left the business. Linda came into my course about four/five months in and really supported me and the other girls in the company to get to where we needed to be.
I’ve really enjoyed working with Linda and getting to know her throughout my course and wish her every success in the future. I couldn’t have completed by course without her at all – she is an oracle of knowledge with regards to her work!
She is an asset to your company.

Dec 2016



Having nearly completed my apprenticeship with Key training, I thought I might get in contact and let you know how much I appreciated Cheryl Double’s support.
Since starting she has always been at the end of the phone should I need her and replies to emails swiftly and efficiently.
Because I am older, I was slightly nervous about undertaking an apprenticeship, Cheryl calmed those nerves very quickly and showed me the criteria I would have to complete, throughout the course she has guided me towards different ways of thinking and helped me view things in alternative ways which has enabled me to run my team more effectively and in turn train the team leaders under me in how to run their subsequent staff. It has been invaluable in assisting me in the day to day running of the Aeonsure business and I can see it really progressing positively in the future because of this.
Cheryl is a credit to your team, and I commend her ability to work with so many differing personalities and guide them into completing an apprenticeship, a lot of staff aren’t easy to work with and yet she remains professional and respectful throughout her visits. I would recommend Key Training to anyone and would hope that they would get Cheryl as their assessor. She really does surpass expectations. Because of this I am even considering entering into the management course, and hopefully she would continue to be my assessor.
Thank you to Key Training for helping me complete my course.

Dec 2016 



I commenced my apprenticeship at Education World in April and I am thoroughly enjoying my time here. I feel that Suzanne and everyone on the Key Training team have gone above and beyond to help me whenever I need it and are always here to support me through my apprenticeship and my work. I am so pleased that I took the decision to leave sixth form and try an apprenticeship as I feel I have really progressed in my learning. Without the support of Suzanne and the team at Key Training I would not be doing as well as I am now.

Dec 2016



I have recently completed a Level 3 management course with Key Training and would like to take this opportunity to give you some positive feedback.
I have gained much more than I expected from the course and would like to comment that the support of Tammy Reynolds was absolutely fantastic. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with and is an excellent motivator.
I would also like to add a special mention with regard to Amelia Lloyd who was equally as helpful during my functional skills exams.
I hope that you find this feedback useful.
Dec 2016

I would just like to let you know of the excellent service we have received from Samantha Jones and Lianne Al-Khadi.

This is our first ‘proper’ apprenticeship as we had used an alternative provider previously but never felt particularly well informed in the process and if we were doing things right.

From the first point of contact with Key Training it has been informative, professional and helpful.

The recruitment process has been fantastic and we have noted that this experience has been more preferential than using a high street recruitment agency, all candidates that we saw were excellent, eager and all well deserving of an apprenticeship. The brief we gave for the position was taken on board completely and the whole process has been smooth and thoroughly professional.

Samantha and Lianne have been fantastic to work alongside and I think that Key Training is an excellent apprenticeship provider.

Dec 2016



I hope you are well. I have been doing a level 2 customer service apprenticeship with Training Consultant Cheryl Double.
I just wanted to inform you that she has been really helpful with my apprenticeship work, keeping me up to date with my work, giving me useful feedback and monitoring my work load well.  I'm ahead of schedule in terms of my progress and Cheryl is pushing me and motivating me to get my work done which is usually a difficulty of mine!
She keeps in regular contact with myself and has answered my questions when I have not understood. She keeps ecordia regularly updated and explains clearly my outstanding assignments and makes the deadlines clear to me.
Just wanted to let you know as this is going really well for me and couldn't have asked for more support and help!

Nov 2016



I have had an email from Danielle Ditchburn, Recruitment Consultant. I was beginning to despair of returning to work or training after training.
Can I pay the compliment of saying it is nice to know that in our mid 50s we are not forgotten.

Nov 2016

I have just completed my Cust svc NVQ with Daniel Lister and I would like to pass on my compliments on what a lovely member of staff Daniel is. If it wasn’t for his patience and guidance I think I would have found the course quiet challenging but he gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed.
I would also like to thank Dan Gray in the functional skills team for supporting me through my maths and English exams, being an old(er) student and having sat these exams many years ago It was a bit daunting to have to face them again but the support I received gave me the confidence I needed.

Nov 2016



I have just completed my functional skills part of my NVQ  and have had Dan Gray as my mentor.  I would like to take this opportunity to say that he was a great support to me throughout.
Being an older student having to sit my maths and English exams again was a daunting prospect, especially the maths, had it not been for Dan being at the end of the phone and sending me test papers and help and advice when needed on certain items I honestly feel I would have struggled and not past 1st time.
This has been an enjoyable experience and also has given me a boost that at my age people can do a lot of things they set their mind to as  long as they have the support network behind them.
Once again please pass my thanks on to Dan for helping an old(er) student realise she’s not as daft as she thought she was.

Nov 2016



I am emailing to give feedback to a phone call and set of emails I have received today. I just wanted to say that the woman I had, who's name is Courtney Bishop, was so lovely and polite and helped me a lot with my apprenticeship application. She was clear and precise and over all it was a excellent interview and I am very happy with my service. I hope this is not a problem... I just wanted to say how nice it was to have someone so polite and nice to speak to to help me out.
So thank you very much.

Nov 2016



I have recently applied for a Customer Service Apprenticeship with Key Training, and I cannot stress enough how great your colleagues have been with me and I have not even been to the interview yet.
Their names are Kate, Lisa and Lesley. They have many thanks from both me and my mam for helping me out. They gave me great detail on the apprenticeship and I was on the phone to Kate for about 35 minutes about my past work experience and some of the issues I had dealt with in the past, she was so lovely and understanding over the phone and I cannot wait to meet these ladies in person!

Nov 2016



My name is Hannah Johnson. I work for Managed Fleet Services and am now coming to the end of my Business and Admin Level 2 Apprenticeship.
I would just like to say a massive thank you to Suzanne Hill for all the help and support that she has given me throughout my Apprenticeship.
In the first few months into my Apprenticeship I became increasingly behind and, after changing from my previous Training Consultant to Suzanne, that rapidly changed and now I have actually finished my coursework before I am due to finish my course.  
Towards the end of my coursework I found the assignments a lot more difficult and if it was not for Suzanne’s help and support I would not have completed them.  

Nov 2016




My name is Viktoria Valcheva. If it wasn't for Key Training and the help of Aimee Grace I would be so lost. So I just wanted to express how grateful I am for her help and the fact that she's been so lovely.

Thank you!

Nov 2016


I am writing to you in regards to my Key Training Consultant, David Toomer.
I am an apprentice at Digital Picnic and have been for 10 months now. Up until David became my consultant I wasn't doing very well in terms of my online eccordia work. Since David has helped me I have improved massively.
He has shown me nothing but consistent support and guidance. He is motivated and his ultimate goal is to watch his candidates succeed. As well as remaining professional, he is very outgoing which means I can have a laugh with him which also helps to keep me motivated.
When David joined me I was on 25% progress having being there for 8 months. It was not good enough. With his help and motivation I now sit on 70% With still 2 months to go. He sits with us until we have done enough work.
The recognition of his hard work has not only gone noticed by myself, but also my work colleague Amy who was in the same situation - David is also her consultant.
I would just like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to David for being such a supportive consultant. If he wasn't my consultant, I wouldn't have made the progress which I have now. He deserves recognition by his work place considering he is a new member of staff.
Thank you David!

Nov 2016



Just a quick thank you for all your help and persistence with me, getting me through the qualification. It was emotional and good fun really. I’ve got all my certificates etc back so all good %uF04A
It was nice meeting you both and (sorry it’s a bit early!!!!) hope you have a good Christmas and New Year!!
Take care and thank you,

Nov 2016

All completed An amazing achievement. Thank you so much for your kind support and guidance. I couldn’t have completed without you being such a wonderful Training Consultant!
I will take some time to reflect on my learning and provide you with a short evaluation

Nov 2016


I know in our line of business it is rare to receive a compliment and we rarely receive complaints, we deliver our orders correct and on time 99.6% of the time so a compliment once in a while would be nice!!
So I thought I would drop you a line concerning Samantha Jones she has been a credit to you and your organisation.  She could not have been more helpful, very knowledgeable, keen and returned my calls when requested (very rare in this day and age) Sam virtually made the whole process of taking on our apprentice, Abbie, seamless, thank you Sam.

Nov 2016



I just would like to do a tiny feedback and to send a massive thank you to one of your employee Kayleigh Kulkarni for her never-ending support and having faith in me and my studies.
I have just completed my level 2 Functional skills (Maths/English and ICT) and I’m really pleased with my results. Kayleigh has been very supportive since day one of my learning. She is absolutely great at what she does and its reflected well on my results. She is polite and has been very patient with me throughout the past months. I work in a very busy department called the Single Point of Access (Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust) and sometimes it’s very hard to get hold of me, but Kayleigh always finds a way and does find  time to let me know that she is there to help. She is very clear with her tutoring skills and I am pleased I was allocated to her for further support.
So just wanted to say a massive ‘THANK YOU’ to your wonderful team and especially to Kayleigh for her patience with me and her never-ending support.

Nov 2016



I have recently been offered an Apprenticeship through Key Training and I start on Tuesday the 15th November. I have had excellent help from staff at Key Training and they are very friendly and very helpful! They have helped me get the Apprenticeship and have been very supportive. These staff are Lauren Gulliver and Adam Clements. Adam has helped me a lot and had been very supportive during all my interviews. I would just like you to know that they are doing an amazing job!

Nov 2016



In July 2015 I decided through my work to undertake an NVQ Business Administration Qualification. All was well until my trainer from Keytraining left suddenly. Things were up in the air for a while and then your brilliant trainer Nichola Wells was appointed to work with me to completion of the NVQ.
I wish now that she had been there from the beginning and I would have then completed within the year. She has been so helpful in providing practice papers and offering constructive feedback (something that was not offered by the previous person) and has always been very patient. Other colleagues have also had the pleasure of working with her and we are all of the same opinion that she is fantastic at her job.
She is a real credit to Key Training and any student will be lucky to work with her.

Nov 2016



I have just finished my course with Daniel Lister and can’t recommend him enough.
Quite early into the course Dan took over as my learning provider and I must say I could really notice the difference. Any questions I had were always well explained, and nothing ever felt like any trouble. He is very thorough and always pleasant to be around. Please pass on my thanks to Dan as I do not think the course would have been the same without him.

Nov 16



Just wanted to say that the service I am currently receiving from Callum Harris in finding an apprentice is incredible.
I’ve worked with many recruitment advisors in the last year, and Callum is the absolute best without a shadow of a doubt. He really does go the extra mile.

Nov 2016



Hi, I'm just giving some feedback on Courtney Bishop and Jade. They have both been incredibly helpful, amiable and polite and I feel have really shown for me what a great company Key Training is. I have been applying for an Apprenticeship and have felt very supported by them and that they really care about me as an applicant. Thank you for all your and their help with me applying for a position.

Nov 2016


I have been asked to give you a review of my experience throughout the time that I have been doing my apprenticeship through Key Training.
The course / apprenticeship provided has been more than satisfactory and I feel like it has taught me a lot and provided  a heading for a career in the recruitment industry. The advice and support from Laurie Bowler throughout the course has been excellent and a credit to Key Training.

Nov 2016

As we come to the end of Nolan’s apprenticeship I just wanted to thank you for a very productive experience with your company Key Training and particularly Laurie Bowler. Nolan who we have taken on has been absolutely brilliant and progressed really well. It has been a positive experience and I will certainly be using your company again.
Laurie has been fantastic, very supportive and informative for Nolan with the course and also to myself.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.

Nov 2016

Just a quick email to inform you that Amiee Grace has been absolutely incredible when helping me look for Apprenticeships including advice and support with the employers!

Nov 2016

Hi, my name is Hollie-Jade James and I have been set up an interview through Key Training for a Business Admin Apprenticeship. I would just like to say how positive and helpful Key Training have been through the recruitment process. They have helped with every part and have made me feel so confident going into interviews! The main person I have spoken to is Jordan Buck, he has been so brilliant and I really feel like I couldn't have done any of this without him or Key Training as a whole! He made everything so clear on what I was doing and assured me at all times of how well I was going to do! So really this email is just one big thankyou to Jordan and to Key Training as a whole.

Nov 2016



I recently contacted your company in finding a placement for an Apprenticeship. Samantha Jones was an amazing help. She was very welcoming and I felt more than comfortable speaking with her in the phone.

Oct 2016 



I would like to provide some feedback on my experience with Key Training since completing my apprenticeship a couple of months ago. I completed a Business Administration apprenticeship and Laurie Bowler was my training consultant.
Laurie was always at the end of the phone if I needed any assistance and always made herself approachable, so I felt comfortable asking her for help. Her visits were always friendly, professional and productive. She always went out of her way to help as I struggled to use Ecordia, so she would upload it with me on my visits as I could never get along with it.  
I am very grateful for the help of Laurie and Chris (she was my training consultant for the first month) and would recommend anyone to complete their NVQ through Key Training.
I have developed a lot in my apprenticeship and believe Key Training has helped place me in a great company with a great career path.

Oct 2016


After completing my Level 2 Team Leader course with Cheryl Double as my Assessor I can say she has been the most helpful and also the best Assessor to work with.
If I have ever needed any help she has always responded to my emails quickly and also assisted with whatever problems I may have had whether it be with work or on a personal level.

Oct 2016


My name is Lia Wilson, I am the new Apprentice at Bottisham Medical Practice.
I just wanted to email you with regards to a Chloe Abbs who is one of your employees. I would just like to say that Chloe has been extremely helpful and supportive prior to and after I was accepted for the Apprenticeship. She is really lovely and approachable. I understand that she hasn't been working with you for very long but in my opinion she is doing great!
Many Thanks,

Oct 2016

Juliana my assessor who has taken on me from Tracey come to my office yesterday to sit my exams.
I would like to say how excellent Juliana was with me not alone it was the first time we met but just how professional and friendly she was. I would like for you to notice that Juliana had a very long day with me and was up very early to just come see me which she didn’t have to do so thank you to her for taking her time out to come meet me. please could you pass my feedback on to me and it has been a pleasure to work alongside key training.
I would also like to say a huge thank you to colin who has been a massive help to me as well and also been very professional and friendly and who has help me get the right thing done whilst tracey is off sick. Colin was always making sure that everything with my NVQ was okay and if I had any problems he would get it done.
Once again thank you for your time and work.

Oct 2016

Hello, I'm just sending this email to give some feedback regarding my experience with Key Training. I would first of like to thank the company for all the help and support I have had over the last year completeing my Business level 2 course work and to thank you for allowing me to do my ICT exam as I didn't get the oppotunity throughout school.
At first I did have a few issues with my work and Assessors. When I first started with Key Training within the first 2 months I ended up with 3 different assessors as this really put a strain on things as I then had to get used to another Assessor and how they marked my work and different amendments they wanted. It was hard as when I got used to one Assessor and comfortable I was given another. However I have had Daniel Lister for the majority of my work I think since February time. He was excellent so all the changes paid off. I think out of the three I had seen Daniel helped me the most throughout my work and understood my way of working. He was there anytime when I needed help or for a question to be explained in a simpler form and helped me when I couldn't give examples. He would list different things I could talk about in the questions and this gave me a bigger picture and opened up my view of the question.
I moved to london in the process of my work and changed surgeries. I was then half way through my NVQ and Daniel helped me to proceed with the work I had already started so I would like to thank Key Training for helping me to continue with this. Daniel emailed me a lot to check up on how I was doing with work throughout the weeks of different assignments and to check on how ahead I was. He was brilliant as he was aware writing the questions takes longer than vocal assignments. Daniel allowed me to do a few telephone assignments with him which helped me extremly.
I would like to express my regards and thanks to everyone who has helped me throughout the process and to keep up the good hard work. You are an excellent run Apprenticeship Company and I wouldn't have my current career today if it wasn't because of you. I also wouldn't have the oppotunities I have had either. Thankyou!!

Oct 2016



Over the year I have learnt so much with all the experience I have been given throughout. In the recent weeks towards the end of my apprenteship I have been shadowing the TA’s as this is something I am interested in doing. I’ve been going in classrooms and helping some students when and where they need help. I’ve also been in what we call the ‘Inclusion’ centre where vulnerable students go if they feel they can’t take part in their usual lessons. It given me a real insight of what a day to day day is like and I’ve loved every minute of it. Doing this apprenteship is a brilliant way to learn more about yourself and I definitely have done that in the sense I have been able to do things that I never thought I would’ve.

I’d like to take this time to say a massive thank you to my Training Consultant, Ann, as she’s been so supportive throughout this time and just been lovely.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and am sad to leave it behind.

Oct 2016



I am emailing you this morning to provide some feedback on my experience with KeyTraining upon the completion of my Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship. Sarah Worsick has been my training consultant throughout this process.
Sarah has been fantastic for providing help and support throughout my training. The work set was always explained and clear deadlines were set for the completion of the monthly modules. I never felt there was a totally strict time scale set and if I had any questions, I felt Sarah was always approachable to contact, she always called me back if she missed a call from me whilst at work.
I felt like I had a very effective and helpful support network both in and out of work thanks to Sarah. Her friendly and casual persona made me feel as if she was a fellow colleague rather than a college lecturer for example, this in effect has allowed me to adapt better to my work role.
Sarah’s advice in response to my questions regarding the workplace and the next steps for me, was delivered on a personal level rather than from a company/education perspective. I felt as if the advice/reassurance given was true for my own benefit, rather than my future being pushed in any direction which I really appreciated. I feel I have completed my apprenticeship to the best of my abilities and I hope to continue my gradual progression career and education wise for as long as possible.
In short, my experience with Key Training, moreover from Sarah, has been nothing but outstanding. I am very pleased with my accomplishments over the past 12 months, Key Training must take partial responsibility for this, allowing me to come into a technical and progressive role and develop my skills whilst working towards a qualification.
I would like to personally thank Sarah for her continued work and support throughout my apprenticeship, I hope we will continue to work with each other in the near future.
Many thanks for your time this afternoon, please be in touch if you have any questions.

Oct 2016



Just wanted to say that your colleagues have been so helpful with directing me to a career pathway that they think I will enjoy, Callum Harris was very friendly and helped me a lot.

Thanks again

Oct 2016



I am an Apprentice Administrator for Lifetime Financial Solutions based in Ipswich.
I am currently under the supervision of the Training Consultant Suzanne Hill (Based in Ipswich) and I am very very happy with what she offers me.
She is always there for me to ring or email discussing coursework and she always helps me.
I have recommended a number of my friends to go to Key Training just purely because the service I have received from Suzanne has been absolutely amazing.

Oct 2016



I'm just letting you know about the experience I had whilst looking for an Apprenticeship with a Recruiter of yours: Azz Salam.

He was very helpful in helping me find an Apprenticeship and preparing me for interview. Overall the experience was great.

Oct 2016



Just wanted to inform you that I have just completed my Sales Level 2 Apprenticeship with Cheryl Double.

I am extremely happy with the support and time that Cheryl has given me during this process. At times I have really struggled with pieces of coursework and Cheryl has always been at the other end of the phone to help with any queries or confusion that I came across. I have always had work set to be completed in between visits and have felt very confident with what I have completed.

Cheryl has also helped me on a personal front as well. If I have fallen behind with work Cheryl has questioned if everything is OK and reassured me if there has been issues.

Oct 2016



I am writing to express how thrilled I am with the service that I was provided with throughout my completion of the level 2 Business Administration qualification.
Throughout the whole length of my course I feel that I have been treated brilliantly and cannot fault Key Training in any way.
My mentor Cheryl Double was amazing!!! She was able to attend to every query very quickly, and always with a smile.
I want to say a massive thank you to Cheryl for providing me with 100% support throughout these months and wish her the best in everything she does, such a lovely lady!
I also want to say thank you to Keely (my previous mentor) for setting me up on my feet, and I hope everything is going well with her new baby.
Best Wishes
Sept 2016



I just felt the need to e-mail you about Suzanne, she been my training consultant for four months now and I believe you need to know how happy I am to have her as my training consultant.
Every time she visits she’s always very happy never comes in without a smile, and she is always been helpful with any grievances I have.
I never feel I cannot contact her about my apprenticeship or about the job itself, I feel as if Suzanne has gone above and beyond her job role as a consultant and if I ever just need to chat about things she’s always there to just listen and give any advice.
I can understand these things sound like just her normal job role but I cannot put in to words how amazing she has been so far, and if there is any program for appraisal within keytraining I feel it is a must that Suzanne gets some sort of ‘well  done’ for her amazing commitment to the job. I believe Suzanne sees the role more than just a job she puts her heart in to all her apprentices and even previous apprentices she has had before
I can see just within MFS that no one can fault Suzanne and everyone is always so happy when she walks in and you can see that in the amount of people who offer her a cuppa, but in all seriousness I just wanted to let you know how wonderful she has been for the last four months and I thought it was about time it was recognised.
I hope you can give Suzanne the ‘well done’ she deserves.
Sept 2016



I am writing this regards to Callum Harris, one of the people that work for Key Training. He has been such a good help to me and was really easy to talk to and if you could let him know I said thank you that would be great.

Thank you.

Sept 2016





Just wanted to pass on some feedback regarding Jordan Buck. Jordan has been working on our Reception role for just over a week. In that time he has managed to find two really strong candidates for the position. It was an incredibly tough decision and we have now taken on one of the girls he put forward. It’s been a pleasure to work alongside Jordan. He is quick to respond to any emails, sorts out all of the arrangements and as mentioned before provides us with very strong candidates.

Just thought I would pass it on.

Sept 2016


Recently I have been working with Sam Felgate of Key Training Basingstoke and I thought I'd send a message just to say what a helpful, friendly and efficient person he was throughout my dealings with him. He is an absolute asset to your company and I couldn't recommend him enough.

Thank you so much for your time.

Sept 2016

Would just like to say that Christi Smith is doing a wonderful job, in supporting me through my learning. Nothing is to small or to big for her to deal with. So impressed.

Please pass on my praise.

Sept 2016


After completing the Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship I feel that I have gained alot of experience working with children of mixed abilities and different backgrounds. The whole experience has helped me gain a lot of confidence and motivation for the future and helped me understand the direction and the paths that I will have to take to achieve my personal goal.

As well as working with experienced professionals I have learnt many important and essential skills which will be really helpful in the future.

I tackled a few challenges on the course such as dealing with childrens behaviour, meeting deadlines but all staff and my learning provider were really helpful.

After completing this course I feel I am now in a much more secure position and I would be able to handle situations in a better way.

I would like to thank everyone in the Apprentice team from Key Training, all staff at my employer and of course my Training Consultant Taslima Iqbal for helping me become what I am today.

Sept 2016


I have been asked to give some feedback on my Training Consultant Laurie Bowler.
I have currently been working with Laurie for a little over a year I believe.
Laurie is very friendly and supportive in my work. She is always happy to help if I have a query.
She is very professional when it comes to observations and shows a great deal of respect.
Laurie knows exactly what she is doing in her role and shows a great deal of confidence in me,
It has been a pleasure working with her.

Sept 2016





It is an enjoyable place to work. The learners are loyal and trustworthy. Co workers are nice and the programme is a good one.

September 2016


As an apprentice I undertake training to develop my office skills and to gain knowledge of how to be a successful Recruitment Consultant. Once I have completed the Apprenticeship I will have a Level 2 NVQ in Recruitment as well as developed skills in Maths, English and ICT. My current duties are posting vacancies online to the National Government Apprenticeship website, contacting and pre-screening candidates and hosting Recruitment Days, contacting employers for information in regards to new vacancies, emailing, scanning, photocopying, laminating, writing and sending letters/publications, using all Microsoft packages including Excel.

I have learned the basics of Recruiting and matching candidates to suitable workplaces and placing them into Apprenticeships. I have also learnt basic admin duties and up-skilled on my ICT.

The hardest part of the job is finding reliable candidates and working around employers time-scales.

The most enjoyable/satisfactory part of the job is getting young people into work and giving them opportunities to progress into a good career.

September 2016

Love the time I have spent with Key Training, feel like it has really allowed me to progress and build myself in lots of ways. Would love to share the skills I have gained with a professional organisation.

September 2016


My typical day at work begins at 09:00. I enter the office and everyone smiles and says good morning and asks how you are as it's a very friendly and positive office to work in.

Somebody will make hot drinks and we'll all settle into work and begin our day. We all worked as a team in the Key Training office and it was very tight and harmonious I'd say.

I learnt a lot whilst at Key Training, I learnt how to use Customer Service language and how to care for external and internal Customers and also a lot about employment law in regards to apprentices. It was all fascinating. My boss was always available if I had questions and she always took the time to explain anything if anybody required that.

In addition to that I also learnt some valuable skills for work, such as time management, prioritising workloads and improving upon my telephone manner and IT skills.

My typical day begins with vetting CV's and new applications sent to us by learners. They are all then emailed to thank them for their application and if they have been successful, they will be invited to an interview session with ourselves. I always ensure that they receive a letter and a phone conversation too, to ensure that they have all of the information required about us and our service as this is part of our good practice policies.

I will then update our tracker to keep track of applications and send it around to everyone in the office, so they are kept in the loop. The rest of my morning might consist of answering enquiries and sorting out problems for the rest of our current learners and aiding staff with requests - such as if my assessor requires some paperwork sent out or over to her as she spends a lot of time out of the office. I have learnt to accommodate the needs of everyone in the office as I am there to support the processes and provide admin assistance.

If we have any new vacancies I will get those submitted and advertised ASAP in addition to this.

During the afternoon I will carry out some general office tasks such as filing and ensuring the paperwork is kept up to date and is fully filled out and correct for audit. I keep diligent records in regards to my actions at work by the use of a shared calendar, emails and spreadsheets. I keep a log of outgoing post in addition to this and am in charge of all incoming and outgoing post.

If we have visitors I will ensure that the conference room is well prepared for them, greet them and offer them refreshments also, to ensure that they are comfortable before their appointment with one of our members of staff.

I have enjoyed my time at Key Training immensely and will be sad to leave as the only con of this job is that it was a 12 month apprenticeship with no position available within the company afterwards.

The perks were that we all received much support from management, a good hour for lunch and everyone was incredibly friendly and supportive. The company very much has a family-run and positive atmosphere which I will miss. Every personal accomplishment was celebrated such as new babies or marriages and the team spirit was very strongly felt.

I can't thank my assessor and Boss enough for all of the support and how much I have learnt at Key Training.

September 2016



I’m emailing to say what an amazing help your worker, Samantha Jones, has been! She’s been a real help to get me my Apprenticeship!

September 2016

I just wanted to drop you a line with some feedback on the L5 Leadership & Management course I have just finished.
I loved the course content and found Monique totally inspiring! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the course and feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to benefit from Monique’s teaching and support.

September 2016



I am writing to you this evening to say how helpful one of your colleagues, Jordan Buck, has been throughout the interview process and keeping me notified of what's going on.
Not only has he helped me with my Apprenticeship, he has tried to help me take part in other challenges even if they aren't able to help at the time.

Jordan Buck is always a pleasure to talk to over the phone and is always very passionate about what he does.
I hope I have given you sufficient feedback. If you would like me to add anything don't hesitate to email me.

September 2016



Having just completed my Level 4 Management course I would like to thank Monique and Hannah for guiding me through the course and delivering it in a professional manner whilst still managing to keep the content interesting.

September 2016



I am currently on an Apprenticeship at Sanctuary Personnel and have just passed my ICT exam with the help of Kayleigh Kulkarni at your Functional Skills Academy. She gave me several past papers and helped me so much when I needed it! I also couldn’t get the hang of spread sheets but she set up several tasks to do with spread sheets and within minutes I got the hang of it straight away.

Many thanks.

August 2016



Hello, my name is Ashleigh Appleford and I have been in contact with Callum Harris. He contacted me due to my interest in an Apprenticeship. I had no idea about Apprenticeships and he was very helpful, always explaining things and being very supportive and helpful. Even though I am very confident he was easy to talk to and friendly. There was a time when we couldn't get hold of each other due to my work schedule however he never gave up and he worked hard with me. I just hope you read this and understand how well Callum Harris is portraying your business.

August 2016



I recently just completed my Recruitment Resourcing Apprenticeship level 2 with yourselves.
I wanted to give some feedback regarding my training assessor Joanne Allison for her hard work, support and guidance throughout this qualification.
Joanne was such an inspiration to be around, she was always friendly and approachable. Whenever I needed anything, she was always on the other end, even on holiday periods. Didn’t matter even if the question was something I thought was silly, she was always contactable.
I can’t even begin to explain the confidence this apprenticeship and Joanne has given me, it’s opened a career path I never knew was available for me. I’ve been offered a full-time role with the company and I’m considering my level 3 for future development.
She’s not only given me the confidence in what my abilities are but the motivation to climb higher. In fact, it’s because Joanne has done so amazing with myself that the company has now employed another two apprentices to go under her wings.
She’s a credit to Key Training and I’m so glad that I met her.

August 2016



I hope you’re well! I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to yourself and the rest of the team at Key Training; especially Haleema for all of her help with my coursework and my IT exam. Haleema has done an amazing job and made the learning process very easy. I’m very grateful for the support that has been provided throughout the entirety of the course. The opportunity that you’ve given me has helped me to develop greatly, not only in my current job role but as an individual; I look forward to beginning Level 3 course and progressing with yourselves further.
Once again Many thanks to you and the rest of the team.

August 2016.



Hi, my name is Jade Leonard and I am writing to you about feedback on one of your employees Callum Harris. Callum has been more than a greater help to me today in regards of an apprenticeship, our telephone conversation went great and through ever step of the way he made me feel comfortable in talking to him and he explained every perfectly so that I could have a greater understanding of what was upcoming.. I am very happy with Mr Harris's service.



I am just emailing today to give some feedback on the support I have recently received from one of your Functional skills tutors Dan Gray. Dan constantly supported me through my maths training and made me believe that if I believed I could do it I would. My confidence was a big issue the thought of numbers physically scared me as I just believed that I couldn’t  do it but after just a few months training with Dan I passed my Functional skills maths and I now feel confident when working out any question or sum. I really appreciate all the help I received from Dan and just wanted to make you aware of him.


Laurie has been my NVQ Assessor since November 2015 and she has been brilliant. Laurie has been extremely supportive and encouraging throughout re any issues understanding the work being set and equally great at letting me know I'm on the right track and doing a good job! Anytime I need support/ assistance, she is very responsive and, overall, an extremely positive person.
Having Laurie as my Assessor has made my experience with Key Training and completing my NVQ an enjoyable and positive experience.


I would just like to say Dan Lister is fab he has helped me loads through my Apprenticeship with any problems I have had. He definitely deserves a pay rise!!



I used to find the thought of an apprenticeship quite daunting and  I worried about so many aspects like: fitting into a new place of work, learning new skills, being in a work environment and working towards objectives and deadlines.
When I was looking for an apprenticeship I struggled to find employers who would book me in for interviews and when they did, the process was very long in order to find out the result. I'm a very motivated person so I was confused as to why I wasn't getting the response I deserved.
However, when I had contacted Key Training, their response was within the week I had contacted them, which was so useful to me as I had been desperately looking for work/education for 6 months.  
I was contacted by Kandice, who took the time to understand my strengths, weaknesses and preferences which then lead to potential interviews with different companies. Because she understood my interests, the choices were relevant to my desirable job roles. This process took no time at all in comparison to how long it took me to even get a response on my own!
The interview process was nerve racking but I was given support and useful advice through this whole procedure - this made the situation a lot more controllable for me having the encouragement and guidance there.
I am now currently very happy in my apprenticeship learning new skills every day which has developed me into a mature, hardworking individual which may have not been the case before! I didn't expect to have developed as much as I have.
Despite the confirmation of my place within the apprenticeship, Kandice has kept in contact with me, keeping up to date with my latest thoughts on the job and has ensured that I have remained focused and positive. This support has helped me acknowledge my achievements and appreciate the effort and rapport Kandice & Key Training have structured for me.
I continue to appreciate the organisation and effort they have put into me and I couldn't have asked this process to go any smoother. I genuinely was struggling to get my education back on track as I had struggled previously but thanks to the efforts of Key Training, they minimized the application stresses and maximized my employability!
 I would strongly recommend Key Training to others who are hopeful in applying for an apprenticeship, with a special thanks to Kandice for guiding me along the way!
Thank You!


I had the pleasure of working with one of your employees, Courtney Bishop.
She is an asset to the team and has made me feel welcome and comfortable throughout this journey. I received a call this morning from Courtney congratulating me on my success in my interview and telling me I am now an Apprentice at Key Training in Wellingborough as a Teaching assistant. I feel I would not have been as successful and confident in my interview without Courtney's support. She's a wonderful person to work with.
Many Thanks,



I'd just like to pass on that Adam Clements was amazing today! He made the telephone call, we had flow very easy and was lovely to talk to.



Completed my Customer Service Level 3 in June this year. Trainer Suzanne was very supportive and helpful. Also had excellent support from Phil in Functional Skills Team - he BKSB website was very helpful.


I would like to give my thanks for the support that I have received from Tracey White during the last 12 months whilst doing Admin Level 3.  Tracey is very approachable and helpful and  I am genuinely going to miss our conversations both verbally and by email. Tracey is professional in her manner and I have never heard or seen her frustrated. 
Since completing the course I have taken on the responsibility of being PA to a Director which I would not have been given if I had not completed the course.
I would like to wish Tracey well for the future.



Good Afternoon

I feel as though I have learned a lot by doing this Apprenticeship, my knowledge has increased massively and this has helped a lot with my job role. Suzanne Terry, my Training Consultant, has been a huge help and has supported me along the way which I really appreciate. Doing this Apprenticeship has allowed me to learn things more in depth and I am very pleased I have completed my portfolio with Suzanne’s help.



Good Afternoon,
I have just completed my years Apprenticeship with Portmore Insurance Brokers in Southampton.
I was doing a Business Administration Apprenticeship level 2 in which my Assessor Laurie Bowler helped me complete.
Laurie is a very professional Assessor who gave me brilliant guidance when I needed it.
She always provided me with useful feedback which was key to help me complete my work.
Laurie always checked my work promptly and kept up to date with monthly correspondence.
I could always get in contact with her when I needed guidance or any queries in respect of my work.
I would recommend Key Training to other beings wanting to pursue a career and take on a Apprenticeship.
Thank you for helping me gain my Business Admin Level 2 qualification.
I trust you will find all in order but if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.


Suzanne is my Key Trainer and I have just finalised my apprenticeship today.
Suzanne has supported me throughout my apprenticeship and I have always been able to contact her when I have had a problem in confidence that I will get a response. Key Training alongside my employer have built my confidence and skills through constructive feedback, because of this I have been offered a Receptionist Job at my employer.



It has just been confirmed that I have successfully completed the Level 5 Apprenticeship in Leadership and Management.  I cannot say how happy I am at this time and would like to point out that this would have not been possible without the help, support and most important the guidance  received from Key Training and in particular my tutor Monique Heery.
Monique is a real asset to your business and offered me a wealth of knowledge and understanding assisting me in the management of the course whilst in full time employment as a senior manager within a business.  
I would like to personally thank Monique for her efforts, patience and belief she has shown in me in the past 15 months.

I am one of Lianne Al-Khaldi’s learners.
Lianne has been supportive, helpful and a credit to Key Training. Any issues that I have raised she has dealt with in a professional manner which I really appreciate. She has helped my learning experience become a smooth journey and I can’t thank her enough.


Just wanted to say a few things about my recent time working with Lianne Al-Khaldi.
To say I was gutted when she said recently that she was moving to another area, would be an understatement.
No word of a lie, and I have said this to her, she has been hands down the best trainer we have had here, and we have had a few both from Key Training and others.
Easy to talk to, fantastic with the Apprentices and generally a very professional trainer.
If the replacement is half as good, then we will be okay.

Anyway, that's it really, hope that's okay

I have recently finished my 2 year programme with key training and now have my NVQ Level 3 in Business Administration.
I would like to thank my tutor Ann Smith for all the hard work and effort she has put in over the last couple of years.
Without her help it would have been nearly impossible.
I would just like to thank Ann again for all the time she put into my portfolio. 



I would like take this opportunity to provide feedback on your Apprenticeship programme.
A number of my team members have completed and I have recently arranged for a new group to be signed up to complete the programme.
I must say I truly believe in this programme and feel this underpin the practical experience gained by our team.  I have personally observed more confidence and professionalism demonstrated by team members who have completed the training.
Your team are a real asset to your organisation; in particular Tracey White.
Keep up the great work!

I'm writing to you to provide some feedback on one of your team members.
I've been working with Monique Heery for around a year now and I don't really have any words to express how much she has supported, motivated and driven me to do this well.
Her style is uniquely open yet positively challenging, her words of encouragement are highly reassuring and her constant nagging is a solid reassurance that I have somebody looking out for my best intentions.
She is an asset to your business and I hope you are able to take the time to compliment her on a job well done.

I would like to take some time to comment on my experience with your company whilst finding an Apprenticeship.
About 2/3 weeks ago I expressed an interest in enrolling onto the Apprenticeship scheme. I was forwarded to your company and my apprenticeship advisor was Olivia Boddington. And I wanted to let you know she is a massive credit to yourselves. She has helped me so much over a short period of time. She has gained me interviews and helped me build a strong CV. Within under a week of Olivia helping me I have achieved an Apprenticeship role in Business Administration and that would not have been achieved without Olivia.
If you could forward this email to whoever you need to so your employees or Chief Executives are aware of having such an amazing person working for yourselves



This is a feedback from Fawziyyah from Manrose, for Lianne Al-Khaldi which is my tutor. Lianne is a very helpful and nice tutor, she is always there to help whether its helping me understanding a task. Also she is very easy to contact and get hold of when needed.  Thank you.

I am Sophie Tate-Jarvis and Lianne Al-Khaldi is my assessor.

There was a time in my apprenticeship where everyone involved in my progress was sure that I wasn’t going to complete the apprenticeship because of out of work situations and the anxiety that I suffer with. It was a rollercoaster of feelings for a few months but Lianne supported me throughout the whole year. I really appreciate her help because if it wasn’t for Lianne I wouldn’t have been able to complete this and prove to everyone that I was capable of achieving it.


I would like to inform you on how much I enjoy completing my KeyTraining programme along side my Apprenticeship at Dawson and Sanderson. My assessor Suzanne Terry is prompt in replying to any queries I have through email and if I need anything explained further she will take the time to direct me in the right direction. When Suzanne comes to visit me everything is explained for the past month and the months coming. The only thing I would criticize is that sometimes I feel under pressure when I am given short deadlines.



I have recently completed the Key Training Business Administration Level 2
Apprenticeship course, with the marvelous help from Lianne Al-Khaldi.
At the beginning of this course admittedly I had feelings of self-doubt and negativity
that I was unable to succeed with this course due to my work duties and due to myself
believing that I was lacking the knowledge & understanding.
Lianne has provided great encouragement and I feel that I have gained more confidence
within myself on this course, she has also shown me that I do have the knowledge & understanding and has
helped myself learn/gain more knowledge regarding Business Administration.
I am glad that I have participated and hope that in the future I may move forward onto the next level.

I have been on an Apprenticeship with Key Training for nearly a year now and have to say it was probably the best choice I could have made. Lianne Al-Khaldi, my Training Consultant from Key Training – South, has been with me all the way through but sadly she will be leaving soon due to a move.
I just wanted to say how grateful I am to get someone like her to help me through this. I have had some tough moments but she has always let me know she is there for me when I need her.  She has always made me feel like I can do something even if I don’t see it in myself, helping me on course work and has been very understanding.
She has definitely helped me a lot throughout these 10 months and I believe I have developed more as a person due to the help I have received over this time.
But I just thought I would let you know how hardworking, dedicated and kind your employees are.
Thank you for your time.



Laurie Bowler is my TC and I have been working with her since October 2015 and I am very happy with the training and support I have received from Laurie. On a few occasions I have been stuck on certain tasks while completing my workbooks and Laurie has been a big help. I can always count on Laurie being on time for my visits and she is very supportive. On all visits with Laurie I feel relaxed and able to approach Laurie about any queries I have.

Just a quick email with reference to Laurie. We have had a few tutors from Key Training over the years, all have been very good but Laurie stands out as probably the best. She is very professional in her approach to learner monitoring. She manages to fully engage with our learners, gets them totally engrossed in the learning process and points out the long term future benefits of gaining usefully and useable qualifications.
We highly recommend Laurie for her teaching and mentoring skills.
Apart from the professional manner in which she portraits herself and your company, she is a really nice person.



I have recently completed my Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship.
Over the year I have overcome various different obstacles with having been homeless and staying at various places. While going through this and almost ending my apprenticeship I had the amazing support of Lianne Al-Khaldi.
Lianne supported me throughout the year with both learning and personal issues and I strongly believe I would have not been able to do this without her.
Now at the end of the year I am now able to progress onto my Level 3 Business administration and I look forward to progressing with Key Training’s help.  


I would just like to thank you for the opportunity to do an Apprenticeship with your company and also thank my Assessor, Simone McGregor, for being a wonderful source of support throughout my course.

I am just writing regarding my Apprenticeship I have been doing for 2 years with Key Training and just want to say a BIG thanks!
My assessor Tammy Reynolds has been a great support and has supported me throughout my time here at my company.
She was always in close contact if I needed to speak to her regarding course work and would also be willing to give me guidance and support to aim me in the right direction to complete my Apprenticeship. She is a very kind lady and amazing at what she does. I doubt I would have finished if it wasn't for Tammy :)
Thanks Again!

I would just like to say I have just finished my level 2 with Sue Howes and I will hopefully be doing my level 3 in the following year. I would not have had the confidence to be able to achieve the level 2 let alone doing the level 3 if it wasn’t for Sue. She has supported me every step of the way and I couldn’t think of a better person to choose to do my level 3 with. I am so thankful for her.


Just a quick email to thank you for the most professional service that Tammy Reynolds has provided us with over the last two years whilst our apprentice was training.
We are currently going through the motions of employing another apprentice and would very much like to see Tammy back with us for that.
Please pass on our sincere thanks to her once again.



I would like to say a big thank you to Haleema who has helped me with completing my recruitment apprenticeship, it was a struggle at the end as I was due off for maternity but she still managed to make this easier for me and I am happy that I will be completing this month.
She is very approachable, great personality and made the terminology of the questions in such simple ways that I understood them.

Thought I would give you an update about my NVQ. I have recently completed my Level 2 NVQ in Customer Service and passed. I am now starting my Level 3.
I feel like the support I receive from Suzanne is great. She is always no further than a call or an e-mail away. Suzanne showed me how to use the E-Learning and where to get further information.
I am really enjoying completing my NVQ.



Jacquie, my Training Consultant, is so lovely! She is really helpful when it comes to my apprenticeship work- she provides me with all the information I need to know and is really supportive of me. She has always helped me whenever I have had a question or if I have required further help with my apprenticeship work. She is extremely friendly and I find her dead easy to talk to. I would feel very comfortable speaking with Jacquie if I had any problems or issues. I will really miss her when she starts her new role at KEY and is no longer a TC but I know she will be fantastic with her new job and I wish her all the luck.



I’m an apprentice at Ben Hoare Bell in Gateshead. Suzanne Terry is my training consultant.
I thought I would give you some feedback about how my apprenticeship is going. I’m really enjoying the work that I’m doing, a lot more than when I was at sixth form. I feel like I’m getting a lot of support as well as extremely valuable experience.

When I first started, I was ridiculously nervous, but my confidence has grown so much and I think it’s obvious to everyone around me as it always gets mentioned.
I thought the work would be a lot harder and more difficult to handle but I think I manage it all very well.
I’m really happy I chose to go with an apprenticeship and I feel like it’s setting me up for a good career.


I just thought I would give you an update on how I am doing with my NVQ as I have progressed onto doing level 3 now.
Whilst doing my level 3 I feel as though I have progressed within my workplace by learning new skills and learning how to deal with different situations.  I have had a lot of support from my colleagues whilst carrying out all of the work that I have had to do and also from Suzanne Terry who sets all of my work for me and always talks through it with me thoroughly before having to type it all up or discuss it on a recording.  I feel as though I am learning how to think outside the box whilst doing my NVQ because of the work that I have discussed with Suzanne and have used these in my every day work when dealing with customers.
I have recently had my car insured to carry out viewings and inspections so that I am no longer just office based and am going out to meet our tenants and also potential tenants as well.  I feel like this has also helped me progress because I am not just dealing with people in the office but are meeting them in different environments as well.
I have been very impressed with my experience using Key Training as a training provider as I am always able to get in touch with someone if I have any problems and usually email Suzanne and she always comes back to me with a helpful response or calls me on the office number to talk through my query in more detail.

I started my apprenticeship back in November 2014 with Suzanne as my trainer. I was originally at college doing photography, which I wasn’t enjoying at all, so I went job hunting and came across a job advert for an apprenticeship in business administration.  A year and a half later and I am now doing my level 3 qualification after completing my level 2.  The support and guidance that I have received has been great. There have been times over the last few months where I have found level 3 hard due to problems at work and being very short staffed, which lead me to thoughts about leaving my apprenticeship. But after help, support and guidance from both my manager and Suzanne I am now back on track and I am nearly half way through my level 3. I know that if I have any problems Suzanne or another member of staff from Key Training will always only be a phone call or email away.
Since starting my apprenticeship a year and a half ago, I feel much more confident in both myself and my job. I have learnt many new things and skills which will help me later on in life. I also feel like it has helped me achieve things I never thought I would of such as taking on managerial roles, training new members of staff and also having a lot of responsibility within the firm.

I would like to leave some feedback on Tammy Reynolds from Key Training.
Tammy has been my Training Consultant from May 2015 to May 2016 while I was doing my NVQ2 in Business Administration.
Tammy has been great throughout the whole process.
She has been really supporting, understanding, flexible and easy to communicate with. She’s always had her visits well planned ahead and offered a wide range of topics that we could discuss.
I would like to thank Tammy and the whole Key Training team for such a great programme!



I have just been advised that I have passed my maths level 2 which has been stressing me out for months and months and the support I have had from Dan Gray has been amazing. He sent me individual lessons on subjects I was struggling with allowing me to focus on what really needed working on. And as a result I have passed!! I didn’t think I would so I am incredibly grateful.
The work you do at Key Training is fantastic and I would recommend you to anyone. As an ‘adult learner’ I didn’t feel like I was going back to school, I felt like I was treated as I should.
Many thanks again



I just wanted to drop you a line to say what a wonderful job Monique Heery has done in guiding me through my Level 5 Management Apprenticeship. Initially there were some concerns that I may not be operating at enough of a strategic level to gather sufficient evidence, however Monique has been a great help in showing me the strategic nature of the work I’ve been carrying out and helping me to evidence it. Additionally, as I’m sure you experience a lot, I’ve really struggled to find the time to complete all of the assignments for the qualification and although I managed to do a few of them, Monique has gone out of her way to assist me in producing evidence through alternative methods. Without this support I don’t feel I would have been able to complete the qualification in anywhere near as timely fashion.
She is a credit to your company and I’d like to thank you and Monique personally for your support and assistance in guiding me through this qualification.



Just thought I would inform you on how my Apprenticeship is going with NRL and Key Training.
I have been doing an Apprentice Administration role with Key Training and working closely alongside my colleagues and Suzanne Terry. I took on the apprenticeship as a change from College, this was because of leaving school and choosing to go straight into college and study Business Administration.
I did not feel that college was the right path for me as I like to be a practical, hands on learner and be self-learning in my work aswell as slowly directed and helped by a teacher / colleague, this was why I ultimately decided to leave the college position and go into an Apprentice role.
I contacted Key Training to see what positions were available within the business administration role and within a couple month I was put into the job role with NRL as an Apprentice Administrator. I have worked closely alongside Suzanne to finish my apprenticeship and I have found this to be a lot more rewarding and educating than college. With working with Suzanne I feel as though I have progressed a lot more in my job role and in my confidence. It has also given me a wider range of knowledge on Business Administration.
Overall, my time with Key Training and NRL has not only been thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding but also educating and confidence building. I would like to take this time to thank Suzanne and Key Training for their continued support through my Apprenticeship.

For the past year and 9 months, I have completed a Level 2 Business Administration and am currently completing a Level 3 Business admin, whilst working at HSF Training.
After a year and a half, I was promoted to office manager at HSF Training and this has really helped me whilst completing my Level 3 business admin qualification.
Suzanne has always provided support and guidance in a positive, non-pressured way, which really helped me. She sets realistic time frames, and is always just an email or phone call away if I ever have any problems.
Suzanne is always punctual when visiting me at my work place and always gives me constructive feedback on my work and tells me things which are good and what I may need help with.

She has given me the chance to discuss ideas to help my work and skills progress in the workplace.  Some ideas and thoughts I have discussed with Suzanne have even been actioned in my workplace to help the aid of communication.
Suzanne is a friendly assessor who always has a positive attitude.

I am currently working towards the Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Business Administration and my assessor is Suzanne Terry.

Since I started the qualification last September, Suzanne has provided excellent support. Given the complexity of the structure of this qualification, she has supported me closely to ensure I fully understand the requirements, but also guide me with regards to the depth of information and the evidence I need to provide. It would be easy to go off on a tangent with this qualification, especially when preparing assignments for the technical certificates, but Suzanne’s constructive feedback has enabled me to direct my efforts purposefully. This has been of great benefit as my job role is an extremely busy one and, whilst I do ensure I schedule time to dedicate to my qualification both in and outside of my normal working hours, I want to use my time wisely in order to both achieve the qualification and benefit my employer.

I’ve just completed my ICT exam with key training and passed.
Just wanted to let you know that Kayleigh Kulkarni (my tutor) couldn’t have done a better job helping me get the qualification I needed, setting me tasks regularly and making sure I was doing everything correctly.
The feedback she gave was very detailed so I knew exactly what I needed to do in order to get a better score in the next task and she always responded to my emails quickly.



I would like to say how happy I am to have completed a course with yourselves this year, this was my first course and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
My mentor was Tammy Reynolds and I felt her support throughout my whole course was outstanding. I never felt let down at any point and Tammy was very good at helping me understand some of the questions by giving me clear examples. I feel without Tammy’s support I would not have completed this course so successfully. I hope to work with Tammy again in the future if I take another course with Key Training.
Thank you again.



I just wanted to take the time to let you know how pleased I was to be working with Monique Heery during my NVQ Level 5 Leadership and Management qualification.
Monique was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and provided unlimited resources for reading and research during my assignments.  She was always available if I needed to contact her for any reason.  The job I do as Advertisement Manager within a Media organisation is very demanding and Monique had absolute respect for that and worked around any business commitments I had.
I found the experience very rewarding in terms of gaining the qualification and being able to apply the theory I learnt to my day job and it also gave me confidence around realising that models exist and certain patterns take place but it is possible to work with these and ensure the best outcome.
I have gained a lot from the qualification but in particular wanted to give Monique a lot of credit because I would not have been able to do it without her.
Very passionate and enthusiastic lady who really cares about her job and the people she is teaching.

Would just like to say that Molly Bergdahl is excellent at her job and has a brilliant telephone manner and is very polite which is good to see in a company  :)



I am writing to you regarding one of your employees who has recently helped me get an apprenticeship.

I spoke to Callum Allen who helped me through the interview and recruitment stage of the apprenticeship. I found that Callum was very helpful as he ensured that I was ready for my interview in a calm, relaxed manner. Also, Callum was always polite and never rude to me over the phone.

Overall, I'd like to say that I have never received customer service over the phone quite as good or effective as then.  And I would like to take this opportunity to let you know I am very impressed with your employee and the service Mr Allen supplied for me.

Thank you for your time.



Hi there, my name is Anna Brook and I have recently had to sit an ICT Exam.
I would just like to let you know that Kayleigh Kulkarni who is one of your tutors has helped me a lot! She sent me past papers every week and my marks were increasing, we also did a spreadsheet session that she arrange and that helped me understand a lot more.

I'm very pleased to let you know that she was very patient with me, if I didnt understand something she would explain it again until I understood and she built up my confidence quite a bit.

Thankfully I passed my exam with 88% and that was only because of all the help I recieved from Kayleigh. I hope you can let her know what a great tutor and person she is and thank you again for all the help she gave me.



Haleema was in charge of my second year apprenticeship with yourself and she has been excellent at guiding me through it especially as she had to pick up the pieces from a previous Training Consultant. She was particularly helpful with the wording of certain questions and setting clear deadlines for work to be completed. In addition, the whole planning of the work, recordings, evidence etc was done superbly.


My assessor – Juliana Smith from Key Training, just informed me that I have officially completed my Business Admin Level 2 course. I’m using this opportunity to give feedback on my experience with Key Training and my assessor – Juliana Smith.
My entire experience was extremely positive, I first started with assessor who shortly after my start left the company but then Juliana got in touch with me and we picked up where I left off. She was extremely helpful from the get go. She walked me through various options, how to get started, what is expected from me, how to progress faster and how to get the most of the course.
Juliana is really hard working, experienced, easily accessible, focused and with temperament that could easily calm me down and find balance between my work tasks and course work.
I’m really happy to continue my further education with Key Training – and Juliana ass my assessor, progressing on to Business Admin Level 3.



Thought I would just give you some very positive feedback.
Cheryl has helped me get a clear understanding on my apprenticeship and as a result in this I have complete the programme.
She is very helpful and is always there if anyone has any queries.



Just to let you know that Tracey White was an excellent consultant, she showed enthusiasm and encouragement along the way with a happy attitude, she was very approachable and always went a bit further to suggest things and ideas.  It was a pleasure to have dealt and met Tracey and hope our paths cross again in the future.



I have just completed the Level 5 Leadership & Management Qualification with your Assessor Monique Heery and wanted to feed back to you that I feel she is an excellent ambassador for your business whom offers a great deal of support to her Learners.
Thanks to Moniques enthusiasm and support I am now considering continuing on my learner journey and looking at the opportunity for further personal development.



Good afternoon, I wanted to leave some feedback with regard to Monique Heery and Hannah Gibson.
Both have been supporting Aldermore Bank and have been absolutely fantastic.  They have motivated the team of 13 that underwent the NVQ program, kept the team on track and communicated clearly expectations. Hannah and Monique are motivational and an absolute pleasure to work alongside.



I would just like to say that we at Capital Training have worked with Sue Graham, the Resource Manager at WWP, Bracknell, for a number of years now, Sue has always been a pleasure to work with, always sending any requests over clear and precisely, and keeping us updated thoroughly throughout the process.  Sue has a professional, but friendly approach and I know that if I ask her for anything it gets done in a prompt and timely manner.

She is an asset to your Company.



I would just like to give feedback on Sam Jones.

Sam is a lovely person, who helped me a lot with my Apprenticeship. She helped me gain my confidence over the phone and also in person when I went to see her to have a little meeting about going for my second interview.

She is always there to help when I have any questions. Also she has emailed and spoke over the phone asking how I am getting on. I am very grateful to have Sam to support me.
I have also passed on Sam's details to a friend of mine who wants to now start an Apprenticeship. I recommended Sam straight away because of how nice and supportive she has been for me.



I’ve been asked to contact you if I wanted to provide feedback on the recruitment and  training provided by Key Training and in particular Olivia Boddington.
I have had regular contact with Olivia over the last three months as we have communicated in relation to the recruitment of two Apprentices and are in the process of recruiting to a third position.
I have been very impressed with the calibre of candidates that have been put forward for interview and we are always provided with details in advance. The follow up training have been provided very professionally as with all my contact with Key Training. The team are approachable, listen to our needs and take on board any specific requirements we have.
Responses to emails, queries etc have been very efficient and I would have no hesitation in utilising the services of Key Training in the future.



I just wanted to leave feedback regarding Tracey White, our Assessor and Training Consultant for the Apprenticeship I have just achieved.
I found Tracey to be extremely good. She was easy to chat to, very approachable and understanding. I was going through a difficult time at home last year and she was very patient with me even though I was very behind on my work. She accommodated me at every level.
It was a pleasure to work with her.



I just wanted to drop you a quick line to express my gratitude for the support that I have received through Key Training whilst working to complete my NVQ L5 in Leadership and Management.
The help, guidance and direction provided by Monique Heery was a key factor in enabling me to complete this qualification in a timely manner and her levels of knowledge and professionalism are a credit to Key Training.
Once again thank you so much.



Have recently been helped by a member of your team in getting an interview for an Apprenticeship.
The woman that I spoke to over the phone/email was very polite, kind, friendly, really listened and gave me some good advice with what it was I wanted to do.

Her name was Samantha Jones, she really deserves all the good feedback of me and others.



I have now successfully complete a Business Administration NVQ Level 3 and I would just like to commend my training assessor Joanne Allison for her hard work, help and support throughout my qualification.
I have known Joanne now for 4 year since starting Ward Hadaway In 2012.  Joanne supported me throughout my initial Level 2 qualification and encouraged me to progress within the firm to enable me to move on to my Level 3.
I work as a compliance assistant assisting with money laundering procedures and client opening. This is a very busy and demanding role, I often struggled to dedicate time to my qualification despite this, Joanne gave me motivation and out of hours support whenever necessary.
Joanne certainly goes above and beyond to assist students whenever she can, in 4 years, I have never not been able to contact Jo for support with my NVQ even during holiday periods!
Following the completion of my Level 3 have started applying to Universities such as Teesside university to study law part-time, without the encouragement and support from Joanne I feel I would not have been able to do so.

Good afternoon Tom,
Thanks for the follow-up call earlier today.
As suggested, young Jade is doing really well and although it is only week two, I can’t envisage any issues with her development and in fact I do see her going on to be a very capable and effective member of the locum team so thank you!!
In fact, please let me take this opportunity to formerly say thank you for all your effort in securing Jade for us.  You have been a pleasure to deal with from the start and in particular, you have that certain skill that many of your peers don’t seem to have – namely the ability to ‘listen’.   The fact that I rejected your first two candidates did not put you off and you listened to my feedback and then adapted your search accordingly which ultimately meant you were 100% on point with the next candidate.  Even once we met Jade and decided to offer her, it was far from plain sailing due to the situation with the P/T job she was hoping to keep in order to supplement her apprentice wage but again you managed this situation very professionally which in the final analysis meant a successful outcome.  
Of course I will not hesitate to not only utilise you again but to wholeheartedly recommend you and your company.  Your excellent service and that of your company has only been reinforced by my interaction with Karen Fitzpatrick at the onset, Daisy Callon with regards to getting Jade all set-up and finally the lovely Sharon Abbott too as Jade’s tutor.
Thanks again Tom and all the best for now.



I would just like to leave feedback for my tutor on my business management course. Juliana Smith has been very helpful throughout the duration of the course and has always been available by either email or phone when needed. She was very clear of what was expected of me and the work that I needed to submit.
Juliana also enabled me to work around my daughter by visiting me on placement on the days that I work and booking my exams on the days when I didn't have to rearrange childcare.

She has been a pleasure I work with.



I have just completed my Team Leader NVQ and would like to provide you with some feedback on my consultant, Tracey White.
Tracy has been very supportive throughout  the course and was always there to answer any of my queries, (even when it was her day off), with her support and advise, she made taking this course really gratifying, I have really enjoyed the course work, not sure this would have been the case had I not had her constant support and encouragement.
Tracey has also supported girls in my team to complete other courses and I have had not had any negative feedback from them.
Tracey is a credit to you organisation.
“Thank you Tracey and looking forward to completing my next NVQ”



I have been on the level 4 management course since January last year and hopefully now near completion.
My tutor on the course is Monique Heery and I just wanted to let you know pleased I am to have had her as my tutor. She has a friendly, relaxed teaching manner but an obvious passion for the subject and learning in general.
All of her lessons were well planned with plenty of preparation and reading materials. She kept all of us in the workshops involved without making you feel under pressure.
Monique also helped enormously in the evidence gathering and was very adaptable when IT problems at my end prevented the planned webinars taking place. She obviously put a lot of work into the preparation of our recorded telephone conversations to ensure that we covered as many evidence requirements as possible in the allotted time. I think that the course would have taken me a lot longer to complete if it wasn’t for her organisation and encouragement.
It has been a pleasure to have worked with Monique for the last 15 months.
Many thanks,



I have been asked to provide some feedback to yourself  regarding one of my employees Jayne Brant and her NVQ. Jayne has progressed both professionally and personally throughout the course of the programme and during her training has been promoted to a position of senior Field Manager within Selecta. Jayne is an exceptional learner and strives to be the best at everything she does, and I have to say at this point I think she has had an exceptional trainer in Lianne Al-Khaldi who has mentored and guided her in an extremely professional manner throughout the course during both the highs and the lows that is learning.
I would therefore just like to say a final thank you to all your team for giving me a more informed rounded employee who can only go on to better things hopefully within the Selecta group.



I have just completed my Level 3 Management Apprenticeship and I want to  write to you and give you some feedback on Juliana Smith who has been training me.
She has been really, really helpful and I feel that I have learned a lot from her, she has made the process as manageable as possible for me and offered me a lot of support. Due to being so busy at work I would have found it very difficult to have completed this without her being so helpful, particularly in coming back to me out of hours and pointing me in the right direction.
I am hoping to start a Level 4 with her and have found the Apprenticeship to be a really good experience thanks to her.
Please let me know if I can give you any more information.
Thank you



I would just like to comment on my time with Key Training as I have just completed my Business and Admin NVQ Level 3 Apprenticeship.
Whilst I was doing my Level 2 NVQ, 2 years ago, I was with a different learning provider and they were shocking. However, since being with Key Training, I have had absolutely no issues whatsoever.
My assessor was Linda Wilson, and she was great all the way though. Very friendly, very approachable and very helpful if I needed it. Also, always on time without fail! I couldn't have asked for a better assessor. She always made sure I completed my tasks on time and that I was on the right track and supported me, even if the workload got a bit much.
The only minor negative comment (and it is very minor) would be about Ecordia. I personally don't feel that it's the best user friendly application to use. However, it can't be that bad as it managed to support me through my apprenticeship.
Hopefully you will pass on my comments! Thank you very much!



I would like to commend you on your trainer Chrissy Turner.
I have been dealing with Chrissy for nearly a year and I could not ask for a better trainer for the members of our staff. We have had dealing with other trainers and Chrissy outshines them all.
Going forward we have taken on other apprentices and I would like Chrissy to continue to be their trainer as I feel she gets on with all of them and is a key player for them achieving their goals and is always willing to help where she can and all our staff get on very well with her.
I would like to thank Chrissy for all her hard work and dedication to our staff members.



I have only been dealing with Chrissy for 8 weeks but she has always been really good to me. Throughout my whole Traineeship she was always in touch and keeping me up to date about what was happening and what I needed to do. She made me feel comfortable enough to be able to ring her whenever I felt like I needed help. I really liked that Chrissy made me feel like this and didn’t make me feel scared or uncomfortable to talk to her. She has helped me every step of the way though my Traineeship and now my Apprenticeship.  She is always so clear when she is explaining what I need to do and always double checks to make sure I understand. I am really glad that I got Chrissy and wouldn’t want to be dealing with anyone else as I believe we have made a good friendship and a trustworthy one.



I have been working with Christine for almost a year now so I would like to take this time to thank Christine Turner for all of her hard work because if she had never given me enough courage I would not have been able to do all of that work that she has set me. She has always had faith in me since she first met me and never gave up on me. If I ever got stuck on anything she would give me a few ideas and was always helpful.



I've recently been contacted by Michael in regards to my application and I just wanted to compliment him on how pleasant it is to speak to him. He is extremely helpful, responds quickly, very friendly and I think he's doing a great job. He represents your company very well.



We have been working with Lianne for a few weeks now after our original assessor left Key Training. The difference Lianne's input into Ashleigh's training has been outstanding. As an example, Ashleigh was behind on coursework, didn't understand how to navigate this or what to achieve and I personally could find it a drain on my time as I too didn't feel clear as to what was required.

Lianne came in with an incredibly proactice and positive approach. Ashleigh was shown in a clear and simple manner how to use the system, a breakdown of what coursework to achieve and after I mentioned I also felt in the dark as to what was expected of Ashleigh Lianne sends me great updates whenever Ashleigh's work is marked etc.
It almost feels like we are working with a different company entirely, Lianne's emails are always prompt, with excellent communication and often sent after 11pm. Both Ashleigh and I feel her work is achievable and she now seems to enjoy the coursework because of how clearly this has been outlined and set out for her.
If you could duplicate Lianne I think you would be creating an excellent army of apprentices!



Andrew thank you very much for supplying details of candidates.
I am impressed with the way the candidates have been presented, particularly as CV’s are not always useful.  The summaries are helpful and concise enabling us to make quick decisions on interviews.
I have emailed Courtney today with an interview dates, thanks again for your help.



I would just like to personally email you to say how pleased I am in completed my level 2 apprenticeship with Sanctuary Personnel.
My training consultant was Sue Howes, throughout the assessment she was not only supportive but also provided me with friendly advice. After discussing my next steps for my career it was agreed with Sue and my manager, that taking a level 3 in recruitment would be the next step for me. Which I am looking forward to undertaking.
I thought  I’d let you know how pleased I am with Sue and also Key Training, I wouldn’t continue in higher education without your support and guidance.



I am writing to you to let you know how helpful and friendly I have found one of your staff members to be.
I am currently pursuing the apprenticeship programme through Key Training Wellingborough, and am extremely grateful for the amount of support and advice I have had from my training provider, Lesley Jones.

She has been of constant assistance to me throughout the programme and even enabled me to finish promptly due to the nature of her visits being so constructive. This has meant the apprenticeship has felt far from a chore (something I begrudging felt when I first started), and something I could actually enjoy whilst working my day job.
I would especially like to show my appreciation for the way she has handled the programme for me, giving me specific feedback on how to improve, as well as complete professionalism when congratulating me on certain topics I had completed before my allocated time frame.
Also, I would just like to say what a great opportunity apprenticeships have become, especially having a training provider so close to home. It was an alternative for me when deciding to pursue university or jump straight into the working environment. Key Training held an open day and completely blew my mind with how diverse and different the
apprenticeships are that you offer. It's a fantastic way to gain direct skills from working on the job as well as earning yourself some money at the same time. It gives people my age (19) the chance to not only grow as a person but to mature and become more confident in talking to and working with people older than ourselves. It also means we are getting an income without having to come out of university with debt and potentially no active jobs for us.
I would recommend both Key Training and Lesley to not only anybody who asked, but to people my age who may be interested in completing an apprenticeship.



I am emailing to you in order to give you feedback on one of your employees called Michael Cherry-Downes.
Michael was very friendly and made me feel very at ease about the conversation, as I do tend to feel quite nervous when applying for apprenticeships. He was informative and answered all my questions in a clear and detailed way.



I only thought I should email you as the CEO of Key Training, to say thank you very much for your support over the last 12 months on my NVQ level 5, Also I would like to have a special mention to Monique for all her hard work and patience in supporting me and members of my staff through this period.
I can honestly say what a great journey it has been and Monique has keep us motivated and energised at all times through all topics we have been studying.
Many thanks again



I have recently completed my Level 3 NVQ in business and admin. I was just writing to inform you of what a valuable member of staff you have in your TC Linda Wilson. Throughout my qualification I could not have been happier with the constant support she has provided me with. I was therefore very happy to be selected as one of the visits that the Ofsted inspector accompanied her to so I could give both her and subsequently Key Training a glowing report.
I look forward to recommending Key Training in the future to friends and colleagues.



Please can I provide you with some feedback.
My training consultant Nichola Place is extremely helpful and really helps me out whenever I need her.
I’m sure I probably annoy her but she is always prompt with replies and always around if I need her.
Just wanted to express this as she has been a key part of my apprenticeship and feel she needs recognition.



I’ve recently started an Apprenticeship with Key Training, working for CIPHR as a sales apprentice.
I found this job role by applying through your website and I was contacted by Georgie Howe, who arranged for a job interview for myself with the company.
Georgie was extremely supportive and helpful throughout the recruitment process, ringing me before my interview to ensure that I was prepared, and afterwards to see how it went.
Every time that Georgie told me she would call/ email, she did so immediately and it really helped me to feel confident about getting my job at CIPHR!
To add to this, upon finding out that I was successful with the job, she congratulated me and asked if I needed any further assistance.
I feel as though my recruitment process into this apprenticeship and company would not have been nearly as smooth if it wasn’t for Georgie.
I just wanted to give some feedback for the great support she gave me!



I recently completed an NVQ in Management Level 3 through yourselves in February.
I would like to say that my NVQ Training Consultant Lianne Al-Khaldi was most helpful during my NVQ. She offered guidance and support throughout and I enjoyed our discussions we had for some of the modules.
All members of staff who I dealt with for my exams were friendly and put me at ease especially Vicky Harold and Amelia Lloyd.



I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased we are with the progress of our apprentices under the watchful eye of Lianne. I have had dealing with other training providers and Key Training has been the best in my experience. The reputation of a Training Provider very much relies on the workplace assessor and the relationship they have both with the employer and the apprentices themselves.
Lianne is exceptional. She has a very pleasant and friendly manner whilst still maintaining a focus on the progression of the learner.
There is regular communication between the line managers and myself, reminding us to complete tasks to time.
Good luck with the Ofsted Inspection this week, I’m sure everything will run smoothly.



I should like to give feedback on DAN LISTER who has just delivered the Level 3 REC Principles of Recruitment Practice to 3 Training Consultants, Monique Heery and myself
The two day course he worked through was very thorough and although very intense, Dan made it enjoyable and realistic by describing examples of his experiences in the recruitment business.  A lot of his technical knowledge I could see being adopted in the Sales team
He did an excellent job



I would just like to let you know how happy I am with how Laurie is dealing with my traineeship. Please find below my comment left on Ecordia.

I think that this phone call conversation was really helpful and this also gave me a clearer idea of what will happen on my traineeship and what will happen once I've completed my traineeship and have started my apprenticeship. Laurie was really comforting and calming throughout our conversation and she was really informative.



I'd just like to let you know how pleased I am with the help I got from Jasmine Jones!

She has done a brilliant job with helping me prepare for my interview, and been very supportive throughout the whole process!

Please thank her for me and I wish her the very best!



I am one of Laurie Bowlers learners and I am just emailing to say how helpful she has been. Its my first year in an apprenticeship at a new company doing a completely different job to anything I have done before and she has been brilliant. Whenever I have a question I can just send her an email and she will get back to me straight away, she is always on time, if not early, to our meetings and always gives me lots of time and attention when she is here, she gives me positive feedback and lets me know how well I am doing, she keeps me updated on anything going on and I always look forward to her visits. I have been progressing quickly and I have learnt a lot thanks to Laurie.
I just thought I would take the time to let you know.
Have a nice day!



As I have finished my course I would like to give some feedback on my TC Lianne Al-Khaldi.

I honestly do not think I would have enjoyed this course as much if it wasn't for Lianne.

She is very open, friendly and easy to learn from. The support that was offered was second to none. She has made me believe in my achievements which in doing the course has led to me fulfilling my goal and being promoted.

Lianne is a huge asset to you.



As I have just completed my apprenticeship with your organisation, I would like to leave feedback on my training provider Haleema Jabeen.
Haleema was a very organised and helpful training provider. If I had any problems or needed help with anything Haleema would always make sure I found a solution and was happy to lend a hand whenever I needed it.

As I was completing a Level 3 apprenticeship I though it would be slightly more difficult then the Level 2, however I had no issues or any difficulties as I thought Haleema explained what needed to be done quite thoroughly.

I enjoyed my time with Key Training and enjoyed having Haleema as my training provider.



I am writing this email to give my feedback on a phone call and interaction I had today with a particular recruitment consultant. This  consultants name was Michael Cherry-Downes and I just want to say he has to be the most down to Earth and friendliest consultant I have talked to. He is a excellent recruitment consultant and did help explain clearly the process of finding an apprenticeship to me. He came across as friendly and I can positively say that I will definitely be telling my friends and family about this recruitment service.

Thank you and have a great day.